It’s all right to take a break

I haven’t written anything for quite a while, as many of you may have noticed.  On some of the articles I have written in the past I have received very nice comments and I appreciate them, but I haven’t been able to keep them going. I’m going to be totally honest with you, recently I didn’t want to write anything.

I therefore had to stop thinking about why. Frankly, my health wasn’t great since the time was past. The last few months my symptoms got worse, my pain went up and thus I wasn’t mentally good, so I didn’t really know much about writing.

I know most of you, if not all of you! That’s not the only reason, however. I tried to think about new things, new ideas, new thoughts I had to give, and you know what I cannot really come up with. I’ve been trying to think about something new. I know there are tons of things that are comprehensive and otherwise written about this topic, but I don’t know anything right now!

Some of my earlier articles concerned specific topics or issues of interest. Symptoms, treatments, useful suggestions and so on. Others were letters to my rocks and support in my life. Others were letters I could give to physicians or others, even hypothetical letters, that could benefit from my understanding. There were some dark undertones that are not unusual when talking about fibromyalgia or chronic pain for some of my articles.

But positivity was one thing I tried to keep in all my articles. Set in the grey clouds that shield our new existence for that silver lining. We can get through this thing and survive the positive, proverbial backwards. Well, I didn’t even think about writing, let alone trying to find something positive to talk about, to be brutally honest. I don’t need sympathy now, I’m not honest at the least. It was only time to break away from many things in my life.

One thing we all know is that chronic pain or fibromyalgia really doesn’t really have much positive effect. And in some days, it is very difficult in everyday life to find the luminous spot which is not full of guilt, sorrow, anger, pain, self-compassion, etc. It may be difficult to wake up and hit the morning with bright eyes and bushy tails. Every day, we get up and try to deal with the day as best our mind and body can. We know what we want to do for the day and what our bodies can do in our minds.

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Some days we are doing a lot more and paying for it the next day, but because most of us have a stubborn gene perhaps? That’s my problem, at least! But we’re continuing our day and doing what we can and need to do. And yeah, those days there are going to be the best we can look forward to coming out of bed to the bathroom, but you know??? That is all right! This is all right! Sometimes we just have to pause, stop and hear what your mind and your body need!

There is no correct or incorrect way of handling a chronic pain, no instructions manual. No list of different ways to respond to any particular situation, such as telemarketers that are prompted to reply to the answer you give for anything they attempt to sell. It’s not possible to judge how every day is going or how every hour is going for us on a given day. We might find a long “streak” of good days, or at least handy days, where we could feel like something was accomplished at the end of the day. I try as much as I can to enjoy them. A easy walk or time away can go a long way physically and mentally, enjoying nature. We then have the inevitable flare on our hands and knees that wants to see that animal with which we are dealing was not present. However, we are still moving on and on.

Most of us now look in the mirror and see someone who’s not the person before fibrous or chronic pain. We must learn to live a new life, learn new expectations, learn new limits, learn a new existence, essentially. “You’ve got to learn the concept of radical acceptance,” said my former therapist. I’m the first one to recognize, that’s a concept I fight with almost every day, and certainly some days longer than others. I have touched upon this in other articles, but in essence it means you have to accept what is going to be your life.

You don’t have to like the conditions, but you have to learn how to accept it and that your limits and skills will change. Learn from now on to live as your life is going to be. We will be able to adjust days and tolerate what they are like and we’ll be ready to throw in the towel other days. These are the days we really need to dig deep and find any ounce of hidden strength and don’t win our circumstances. Some days, as I said, we have to really look hard in order to find something positive, happy or thankful in every day. But don’t stop looking for it. Do not stop looking for it.

When everyone has to take a break, they come to a time of their lives. Reassess where or where things are going. It is time for reflection, to take a break, to recharge or to make a plan. a break is a good thing. Some might think it’s bad to take a break or we can’t deal with things. But having a physical and /or mental break is something that everybody needs every now and then, and that nobody tells you anything else. Since it’s a lot easier to say than done with most of the words of advice, I urge you to do this and don’t get guilty of it. Let the guilt go if you feel it creeps in. Ask for help if you need more than usual. If you can stay in bed and look after yourself most of the time, DO IT! When we need a break our minds and bodies can tell us, what we must do is learn to listen.

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