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To the Man Who Stayed When My Health Declined and I Told Him to Run

To the man who stayed in my life when I asked him to leave. And today we are together since 18 years of marriage. I really don’t know how that happened. Sometimes it feels... 0

The power of positive thinking for pain patients

Self-affirmation is the practice of expressing positivity about yourself. It can be stated aloud, said in your head, or written down. While some may scoff or assume that it’s pointless, science is proving that...


How can I remember to take my medication?

If you’ve ever had any sort of health issues, you probably know what it’s like to be handed a thick stack of prescriptions with no idea what each medication does, why you should take... 0

The surprising impact of chronic pain, on family and money

Chronic pain is the number one cause of disability in the U.S. According to the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA), one in six people are living with chronic pain. The type of pain can...