Why Fibromyalgia can often Occur in Combination with Several other Diseases?

By: Dr Alex Robber

A review research showed that neurological, gastro-intestinal, and psychological conditions are frequently presented in conjunction with rheumatological circumstances as well as certain non-rheumatic conditions.

The survey “Comorbid Fibromyalgia: A Qualitative Prevalence and Importance Assessment” was released in the EPJ.

It is known to happen frequently with different rheumatological illnesses,fibromyalgia which is characterized by chronic, extensive body pain. Although fibromyalgia is originally a distinctive disorder, common in 2-4% of the population, it is now more and more recognized as coexisting with other rheumatological and non-rheumatological illnesses.

A less favorable result, more serious symptoms or impaired function of Fibromyalgia that accompanies other diseases is associated with this. Thus, if a patient who also has another illness is undiagnosed, it can be harmful because of the need for therapy and the misinterpretation of the unrecognized Fibromyalgia as a bad management of the main illness that affects the management of both circumstances.

Since few studies have investigated the coexistence of fibromyalgia with other diseases, except for rheumatic diseases, literature reviews were performed to discover information on the illness in distinct diseases and the possible impact on the main illness.

Therefore in patients with different rheumatic conditions, fibromyalgia happens in 20-30 percent. A study found that in 21% of rheumatoid arthritis patients, 37% of systemic lupus erythematosis and 17% of osteoarthritis patients, the disease occurred in a way.

In patients with non-inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders, like chronspinal pain or low back chronic, fibromyalgia is also noted. There were also reports of chronically disabled occupational muscles-skeletal illnesses of 23-41 percent of patients.

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However four neurological conditions -multifunctional sclerosis (MS), post polyomyelitis syndrome, nervous pain and Parkinson’s has been identified. There are four neurological conditions. However, the results of the underlying illness have not been evaluated if fibromyalgia is present.

Similarly mainly recorded for celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) were fibromyalgia with gastrointestinal diseases. Studies reporting the disease incidence in IBS are, however, conflicting and there is no overall agreement.

However one research showed that 23% of patients with heart failure have fibromyalgia, which is, interestingly speaking, not an illness common to chronic pain.

An additional research revealed that 21% of post-traumatic stress disorder patients also experienced fibromyalgia. Thus, not only physical disorders with pain, the disease is present, but mental circumstances are also present.

Therefore the writers think that fibromyalgia can be unknown in many distinct illnesses and that it can add to the general burden of disease.

Because the general less favorable health status of both fibromyalgia coexistent with other illnesses is associated with both rheumatic and non-rheumatic illnesses, the scientists stated that “doctors should be alert to a potential FM co-orbid, and FM symptoms specifically resolved.”

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