What does fibromyalgia feel like?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked “what does fibromyalgia feel like?”

Oh wait a minute, I can’t raise my right-hand today because of killer shoulder pain. Hang on while I check to see if the left arm is working. Yeah! I can raise my left hand! Yes, I have been asked what having fibromyalgia feels like, many times.

Who knows what tomorrow or even later today will bring. My shoulders are favorites for my fibro buddy to target. There can be a limited range of motion in one shoulder or both. Sometimes neither, those are the good days. I find out only when the time comes.

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Absolutely no way to predict these things, but learning to live with fibromyalgia means respecting physical limitations when they do crop up. I’ve been taken down for months by my fibro shoulders.

I mean pain pops up everywhere, no part of your body is sacred and there’s quite a variety of pain types and levels. There’s the stabbing, knock the wind out of you and take you down “fibro pain”. It moves around targeting different parts of you and the pain level ranges sometimes requiring medical attention.

Then there are the dull throbbing aches throughout your body that never completely subside. Sometimes they flare in spots and the pain can take you down. But, if you learn to respect the aches, and don’t push too far they can remain a dull pulsing ache.

It’s exhausting to never be comfortable, but you have to learn to live with the discomfort in order to survive.

Sleeping? Well, that’s a whole different matter. Tad difficult to get good quality sleep when your body is constantly hurting. Oh, and restless legs? Wow, they work better than any alarm clock. Then there are the times that your skin feels like it is quite literally crawling with tiny stinging insects, just under the surface so you can’t quite get to them.

We each are individual; unique. No two people are exactly alike. In that same sense, how Fibromyalgia affects or feels to someone will differ as much as we do as people.

Plus, fibro symptoms are almost fluid, they transform and move around constantly. It’s this never-ending process and so it’s tough trying to put into words something that never stops evolving.

So to answer the really tough question…what does fibromyalgia feel like?

It feels like…desperation.

It sucks to be exhausted, confused, and uncomfortable in addition to suffering from varying degrees of widespread pain every second of every minute of every day.

The thing about Fibro Warriors? We get knocked down, but we get right back up again. Well, maybe not right back up, but we get back up as soon as our bodies say we can.

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