Understanding Fibromyalgia-Food additives Relationship

By: Dr Alex Robber

Many latest trials have shown that fibromyalgia symptoms can improve as a result of food adjustments. So, Proper food using help in improving fibromyalgia. So, what are food additives and how can it affect people with fibromyalgia?

Perhaps you understand as food additives MSG or aspartame. These are only the common instances of food or diet sodas. The category of excitotoxins, as it is also a natural substance in the brain, in which these food additives are found. The usual role of excitotoxins is to rapidly start your brain, which enables you to learn and keep the data. You are currently using this category. However, when artificial excitotoxins are added to our bodies what happen.

Our neurons are impacted by the over-stimulation of artificial excitotoxins which lead to the brain being overwhelmed. You can even excite the death of your brain cells.

Therefore here are some examples of the elevated concentrations of excitotoxins in the body:

  • Amplified pain
  • Mental misfires
  • Unstoppable irritability and anxiety

These symptoms are incompatible with the pain that patients with fibromyalgia cope with every day. The number of painful symptoms feel may be reduced therefore the avoidance of foods with these excitotoxins.

Therefore the only way to know that you eat excitotoxins is by reading the labels of your food. If you are trying to skip excitotoxins from your diet, the following are the few things that you can avoid:


Can be identified as natural flavorings, plant protein, yeast extract, aroma, carrageenan and any glutamate products.

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However Aspartame may be labeled (Amino Sweet, Nutra Sweet, Equal are the brand names).

As we all understand, no cure has already been found, but there are also few things to assist you improve. Therefore if you have family and friend’s assistance, it is simpler to attempt fresh medicines and remedies to cope with the symptoms. It’s free to attempt to eliminate excitotoxins, so you should. So, there is no medicine in it, it cannot be tried with adverse side effects. Who understands, you and your symptoms might get it work out.

Before taking any medication always concern your health care provider and it is important to be diagnosed correctly. Stay Healthizes!

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