Take Personal Responsibility for Your Fibro Recovery

Take Personal Responsibility for Your Fibro Recovery

Taking personal responsibility means we now realize that no doctor, pill, or the best healing plan can do it for us. We must individually take responsibility for our health and well-being. When dealing with Fibromyalgia on a daily basis, it becomes clear that this illness is NOT about taking a pill and simply getting on with our lives. This is a multi-system disease that affects various parts of the body and mind, especially the nervous, endocrine and immune systems

Attitude Is Everything (almost)

Therefore, when our environment changes or we are presented with a stressful situation, it is imperative that we draw on our tools and the right attitude to not allow the situation or environment to get the very best of us. I can provide you the “tools”, but the single most important part of your recovery is attitude.   

The more positive you are that you are following a recovery protocol that works, and the more determined you are to use your “toolbox” to help you get there, the  more quickly you’ll see results.  Practice visualization… See the “healthier you” in your mind’s eye. That in itself is taking greater control.              

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Take Personal Responsibility by Being Consistent

The best tools for use on a daily basis include controlling stress, utilizing our’toolbox’, and planning ahead by using a daily journal/ day timer, etc. Effective ways of controlling stress may be different for each person. I believe in using tools such as meditation, prayer, safe exercise ,talk therapy, and journaling.

Meditation and prayer do not have to be according to someone else’s protocol or book.  It may just be sitting in a quiet place away from distractions and allowing the mind to relax, get centered and be open to creativity and greater levels of healing. By practicing this on a regular basis we will develop methods that work for each of us. The key (as I often say) is CONSISTENCY.

Conditioning (Movement) Is Powerful

Safe and effective exercise is one of the best ways to ‘vent’ through our physical movement. Moving the body is powerful. The body was made to move, and even taking 10-15 minutes to utilize some range of motion exercises can reduce stress and make us feel more in control. And of course, I LOVE this …Work isnt really work when you can find ways to enjoy it, just like exercise isnt work when we find ways to enjoy it as well.

I LOVE helping others find ways to EN-JOY exercise. 

Its really about thinking outside the common box as I say. We have to forget anything in the past that no longer serves us in regards to healing. We KNOW we must move and strengthen. We understand that in doing this we can create our own ‘pain killing endorphins’ just as the body was intended to.

What is your choice?  Pain killing poison (meds) OR pain killing endorphins (naturally made by YOUR body). We must take personal responsibility. I can say this only because I have been there. So that is why I do this. I have been there since a young age, and its my calling to continue to share all that I can about my experiences in learning to think outside the box, create programs that work AND continue to live smarter.

Its about empowerment AND breaking down walls while reducing pain levels and overall symptoms. Although I dont use the word CURE, I do use the words CONDITIONING and CONSISTENCY.

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Limit “Symptom Talk”

Talk therapy may be helpful and can also create more accountability which is essential when living with fibromyalgia. A therapist, friend, supportive spouse or support group can help with this.  However, I have found that dwelling too much on symptoms or illness issues can deter healing and needs to be kept within limits. Moderation in talk therapy is best. Why?

1. Because what we focus on increases, and we want to be sure we are limiting our time spent talking about symptoms while focusing MORE time on talking about and reinforcing solutions.

2. Because often the answers are inside of us, and while we can touch on those answers through talking, we must be able to then carry that through with proactivity. 

For instance, sometimes we have a ‘talk therapy’ session with someone and feel better, but the internal work must continue. We feel better in the moment and we may not have finished the’ inside work’.

And that is where journaling comes in. Deemed one of the most effective ways to control the stress and fibromyalgia symptoms by various doctors including Dr. Selfridge and Dr. Sarno.  

It may seem like too easy or simple of a tool to be that effective and yet it has been proven to work especially for those of us dealing with Fibromyalgia.

Set aside some time every day to journal, plan, meditate AND move, and find that your well-being increases through proactivity AND consistency. This is how we take personal responsibility

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