Patient Questions: Answered related to Fibromyalgia

I have had fibromyalgia for some years. I would like to address the illness and get some help in managing pain levels better, any advice?

There are many steps you can take when it comes to managing your fibromyalgia. To start, choose activity wisely. Exercise regularly, but do not overdo things. Set personal limits, and always remember to take a rest. Try your best to remove yourself from situations that are likely to cause stress as this can aggravate pain, and modify your working environment to better suit your situation. During a flare-up, do less, take warm baths or use ice — whichever works best for you. It is also a good idea to read up on some simple mindfulness techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or visualisation — as many patients see relief from these practices.

With several years of experience treating patients with Fibromyalgia, The team truly empathise with the obstacles patients face on a daily basis. We are constantly taking new research and information into consideration when finding the correct treatment path for our patients. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach comprised of tried and tested measures to effectively lower and manage symptoms for a better quality of life.

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Question – Ethel from Gateshead asks:

What are trigger point injections, and how are they most effective (i.e. all over the body pain or more targeted trigger points?)

There are a number of different types of trigger point injections including dry needling (acupuncture), and wet needling (with local anaesthetic/ local anaesthetic plus steroid or botox).

Trigger point injections are thought to work by causing local relaxation of muscle fibres, leading to a reduction in tension and a reduction of afferent pain traffic back to the spinal cord. They also release endorphins in a number of patients, which gives an overall analgesic effect. They are most useful when there are specific targeted trigger points, rather than when patients have widespread all over body trigger points. The aim is to shrink down the area of trigger points to the smallest area, before using trigger point treatment.

Question – Sam from Watford asks:

If someone has all over body pain, can treating the worst affected area with trigger point injections help the other areas?

Yes, in some cases this can be effective, although this is always on a case by case basis for which patients need to be fully, medically assessed. Various treatment options must be reviewed and discussed in person with the patient, so they can make an informed decision as to the best course of treatment.

With several years of experience treating patients with Fibromyalgia, The team urges patients to consider trigger point injections as a highly effective treatment options with little to no side effects.

Question – John from Edinburgh asks:

What are the main benefits of TPI’s and can successful TPI’s result in lower requirements for oral drugs?

The main benefits of trigger point injections include reduction in pain, spasms, and analgesic requirements, in addition to improvement in overall functions. If and when trigger point injections (either dry or wet needling) is effective, this can indeed lead to a lowering of oral, analgesic medications.

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