Do people have to be cautious of GMOs if they have fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia sufferers are sensitive to a lot of things along with pain. Weather, stress, smell, and even the things they eat can affect them. Use of GMOs is the best among the things which can be of concern when you are trying to plan the diet for the best results while having fibromyalgia. The question arises whether GMOs can a play a role in worsening fibromyalgia symptoms or not.

About GMOs

GMOs refer to “genetically modified organisms”. It seems as one term but it actually has reference to a lot of different things as no rule is set on how the organism is modified genetically. This is the reason why fibromyalgia sufferers may find it a problem to use GMOs.

GMOs are the plants in which actual gene has been modified when it comes to crops like vegetables and fruits. It is usually not explained how they are modified. It could be modified through cross-pollination, cross-breeding or adding the chemicals directly to the plants.

If you think that you eat pork, beef and poultry from the animals that are fed with GMOs plants, you may also say that it is also considered that meat is also GMO if this meat comes from the animal who fed GMOs.

Why are there GMOs?

GMOs first use could be seen as a positive attempt. Areas in which foods like flood-ravaged states could not be produced; areas with drought-ridden swampland or areas of constant high or low temperatures were not have genetically modified plants in growth. People who might have starved were able to get the food by using GMOs.

The question has been asked as to whether chemical engineering usage has gone too far. This has caused the people to be encouraged in getting to purchase the organic food which is free of GMO and have foods that have a label of GMO. So people who have fibromyalgia can decide whether to take GMOs in their diet or not.

Are GMOs not good for you?

It is simply not easy to give a direct answer to this question because this term refers to a lot of different things. Has the food been genetically modified for it to adjust to some different land? Is it a cross-breed of different plants that are brought together? Or has it been grown with above the normal amount of herbicides and pesticides?

Whether GMOs can affect the fibromyalgia overwhelming pain and fatigue has the biggest factor which shows that we can’t define the GMOs as following one particular plan of the creation so it is not possible to pinpoint the health consequences.

Why would people with fibromyalgia be affected by GMOs?

For people with fibromyalgia, diet and chemical sensitivities play a huge role. There is a possibility that GMOs could be a problem in the health of people who suffer from fibromyalgia. With the GMOs, you don’t know exactly what you are eating and whether it will affect your fibromyalgia symptoms or not.

GMOs that would be taken under consideration are vegetables, fruits and legumes are grown for consumption, as well as GMOs that are given as a feed to animals who produce milk, lay eggs or being raised for consumption. As a result, a lot of possible sources of GMOs would occur which may or may not contain the substances that will affect fibromyalgia people’s health.

Unfortunately, no way is there by which we can know for sure about the substances that are an issue without knowing the beginning to finishing process of production of these foods, and for the consumer, that information is not available.

Should GMOs be avoided by people with fibromyalgia?

Currently, it is not necessary for the U.S to label the food that contains GMOs. Due to this fact, we all have consumed GMOs at some time somewhere.

The only way to avoid taking the food that contains GMOs is to stay away from the foods that may possibly have those in it, if the GMOs may make you sick. You would have to take the dairy products, meat labeled organic and have to purchase the prepared and canned food that is labeled as 100% GMO-free. Although it is not a legal requirement but a lot of companies have decided to put this on the labels.

You should try to purchase only organic foods for some time if you are having trouble in dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia-like muscle pain, severe fatigue, headaches and flu-like malaise under control, in order to see if helps in easing your health problems.

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