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Breaking out of pain-induced isolation: faces of pain

Chronic pain is usually defined as pain that’s lasted for more than three months. This may not seem like a terribly long time–unless you’re the one in pain. When something hurts for so long,...


Breathing Exercises to Calm Pain

Here at The of the United States, we know that living with chronic pain can be stressful. But one of the best ways patients can help reduce the stress in their lives is...


How Communities Are Helping Women and Families Fight the Opioid Crisis?

Whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a quiet rural area, chances are you’ve been touched by the opioid epidemic in some way—or you will be. While many people can safely use prescription... 0

Questions to Ask Before and After Surgery

Why Does Communication Matter to Doctors and Patients Before and After Surgery? Hospitalization and surgery are demanding life events that lead to considerable stress and anxiety in patients. The fear of the “unknown” is...