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To the Man Who Stayed When My Health Declined and I Told Him to Run

To the man who stayed in my life when I asked him to leave. And today we are together since 18 years of marriage. I really don’t know how that happened. Sometimes it feels...

Chronic Pain and the Shapes It Can Take 0

Chronic Pain and the Shapes It Can Take

The pain that remains consistent for almost three to six months is commonly known as chronic pain. This is a very common pain. Chronic pain affects millions of people every year. The pain affects various... 0

Electroconvulsive therapy for treating Fibromyalgia Depression

You might feel a little bit uneasy by the phase of “electroconvulsive therapy”. The mind goes to the days when medical science was not more scientific than it is today and patients were exposed... 0

Here’s how sleep and pain are connected (and 10 ways to improve your sleep!) 

Sleep is as fundamental as eating. Without the right amount of sleep you can actually increase your risk of a variety of medical conditions, including increased pain. It might be surprising to hear that... 0

For seniors and those with limited mobility use chair yoga

Part of getting older is a gradual slowing down. Far from the frantic pace of youth and middle age, many seniors have a unique opportunity to take their time in their daily activities. For... 0

How to relieve middle back pain while sleeping?middle back painHow to relieve middle back pain while sleeping?

Sleep is critical to your health and overall sense of wellbeing. But getting enough sleep may be easier said than done if you are experiencing nocturnal back pain. Chronic middle back pain while sleeping... 0

10 ways to better manage your fibro fog

Fibromyalgia is a set of symptoms characterized by widespread pain, but the disorder brings with it a signature symptom known as fibro fog. Fibro fog affects cognitive function, leading to feelings of exhaustion and mental cloudiness,...