The Mental and Emotional Impact of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a condition that is far more complex than a physical set of symptoms. Pain that lasts long-term has a significant emotional and mental impact, and for that reason, some chronic pain disorders have been called “suicide disease.” Because chronic pain is more than physical symptoms, the pain specialists at Site of United States focuses on an approach that is holistic – or encompassing the entire nature of the patient; physical, mental, and emotional. Through several programs, Site’s pain management specialists offer those with chronic pain a place of hope and healing.

According to Harvard Medical School, chronic pain is highly complex and involves thought, mood, and behavior. Many who suffer from chronic pain have a difficult time living active lives, and as such, will often lose their jobs and relationships will suffer. Chronic pain conditions can cause insomnia and fatigue, and this combined with affected lifestyles and relentless physical symptoms causes severe depression in many chronic pain patients.

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Pain and depression are inherently linked; quite often, patients suffer from both conditions. This link requires that pain management doctors take a deeper look at the mental and emotional impacts of chronic pain and make sure that they are treating all aspects of chronic pain, not just the physical symptoms.

Chronic pain patients must advocate for themselves as well, and communicate their depression symptoms to their pain doctor. If chronic pain patient does not express their depression symptoms to their pain doctor, or if they downplay the emotional and mental components of their chronic pain, their pain specialist will be unable to help them combat these symptoms.

While some medications may help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain and depression, there are many techniques that a patient can engage in to also help with their mental and emotional symptoms. Biofeedback, counseling with a behavioral therapist, and relaxation and coping methods are all tools that can be taught to pain patients to improve their mental and emotional health.

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