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Lady Gaga Shares Comeback for People Who Question Fibromyalgia

While each person with fibromyalgia experiences the condition differently, one thing most fibro warriors have in common is fighting other peoples’ doubt that fibro is a “real” condition. Lady Gaga, who first opened up about having fibromyalgia last...


How fibromyalgia symptoms can be managed by slow and controlled breathing

One of the biggest issues of having fibromyalgia is the pain that is felt in eleven different pressure points throughout the body. But while the most noticeable thing one feels having fibromyalgia is physical... 0

Fighting with Fibromyalgia from Watsu Therapy by combining Water and Shiatsu Therapy

In today’s world, various different techniques are available that help in fighting against fibromyalgia. Now, you can look at the world of alternative therapies, if the traditional medications and therapies are not working well...


Expectations when Zoloft is prescribed for Fibromyalgia

There are a lot of patients of fibromyalgia that are prescribed with Zoloft. Because, the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia are depression and anxiety, so fibromyalgia patients are often prescribed with antidepressants. Most often, fibromyalgia...


What is Xyrem? Does Xyrem help in treating Fibromyalgia?

Constant aches, pains and discomfort are felt by people with fibromyalgia. Fortunately, there are a lot of medications approved for fibromyalgia such as Lyrica that helps in dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia. But... 0

Electroconvulsive therapy for treating Fibromyalgia Depression

You might feel a little bit uneasy by the phase of “electroconvulsive therapy”. The mind goes to the days when medical science was not more scientific than it is today and patients were exposed...