Can Anyone Tell Me That I Am Depressed or Just Exhausted?

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Sleep and Depression

When we are sleep-deprived, it’s pretty obvious. However there is no question about the haze and exhaustion in our bodies and minds. But how can we know whether we’re truly tired or genuinely depressed?

Therefore in the United States 1 in 3 adults is not sleeping enough, according to the Confident Spring Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because the CDC Trusted Source also reports that people who sleep for under seven hours per night are more likely than people over seven hours to experience 10 common chronic conditions like depression.

Therefore depression figures are just as sober. So, According to the World Health Organization Trusted Source, as many as 300 million people around the world are diagnosed with depression. Because the National Sleep Foundation estimates that nearly 20 million people with depression have sleep disorders and insomnia.

However those exhausted by sleeplessness can experience depression-like symptoms, like:

Yet people who are depressed may have sleep problems, be it falling asleep, sleeping or feeling too sleepy. So, how can the difference be explained? What was the first problem? Although it might be frustrating, there are many ways to differentiate the two.

Understanding Body’s Signals

However researches explored the similarities between sleep deprivation and anxiety with Dr. Alex Dimitriu, a psychologist, a sleep specialist and a member of the Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine Clinic.

Because “In our minds ‘ condition, sleep is the tip of the iceberg,” says Dimitriu. So, “People find it much easier to know that sleep is missing because it is empirical, and it therefore actually opens up the door to questioning if something else is wrong.” Specific symbols and signs include:

Understanding Sleep and Depression

Therefore depending upon what you feel and experience, the distinction between depression and deprivation of the sleep can blur. Dimitriu often asks the clients with whom he works to seek his origins, and this has to do with the motivation of a man.

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“I ask my patients sometimes if they want to do something, but they do not have the time or if they really don’t want to do anything first,” says Dimitriu. “Depressed people will say that they don’t care about various activities, including enjoyable activities. Many tired people are still involved in doing stuff.

Therefore, according to Dimitriu, depression is more likely to affect productivity than to have an effect like going to the gym or dining with friends and being sleepless will most likely impact the willpower and physical ability to do the matter.

Understanding Sleep and Depression Treatments

Therefore if people are faced with depression or not, in all cases of sleep deprivation, it is important to solve the problems of sleep first, as this can be done at home.

Topics like sleeping daily, screen time reduction and relaxation techniques before bed are all easy to try first. But if you know that your mood remains low, even if your sleep has improved, further evaluation may be required.

Therefore depression treatment is different. Because many people benefit from counseling and drugs and improvements in lifestyles, such as exercise, alcohol restriction and a balanced diet can support others.

Dimitriu reassures that inadequate sleep does not normally lead to depression. The strength of our bodies to make up for the lack of sleep is fantastic. It can usually bounce back when there is time to catch extra sleep.

“Sleep is the most important restorative process for the brain and can affect everything from mood to energy, concentration and attention.

“I practice sleep-intelligent medicine because I feel it is the missing piece of the puzzle, and by combining the two of us we have had some really excellent results. It’s as similar as day, day and night, yin and yang, “says Dimitriu.

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