Why There is Dangerous Link Between Lupus and Sun Exposure?

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Protecting Yourself

If you have lupus, it will be necessary to shield yourself from sunlight. There is photosensitivity or exceptional exposure to the sun in people with lupus. This can cause skin rashes, scratching, burning, and other symptoms. Excess sun exposure can also cause systemic lupus flares and trigger symptoms including joint pain, exhaustion and weakness. In some cases, internal organ damage may even occur.

Understanding UV Radiation Risks

UV is a type of invisible radiation found in sunlight. UV is a type of invisible radiation. It is UVA, UVB and UVC. Three types exist. UVB rays seem to be causes of most problems in lupus patients, according to the research published in Autoimmunity Reviews Trusted Source. The symptom can also be influenced by the UVA radiation.

Exposure to sunlight could cause symptoms like: If you have lupus

Wear sun protection clothes that capture and absorb sunlight until you hit your skin to shield yourself from ultraviolet radiation.

Thin, light-colored or loosely woven fabrics may be absorbed by UV rays. Wear tightly-woven, dark-colored, long-sleeved shirts, pants and wide-brained hats for optimum protection. Many fiber forms often provide more security than others. Freezing cotton absorbs UV rays while high-gloss polyester and silk reflect UV radiation. High technology “sun-protection clothing” can also be found in many sports car shops to block UV rays.

Understanding Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)

There is a score for sun protection apparel known as the UPF. It shows how much UV radiation the fabric absorbs. Clothing marked UPF 25 to 50 or higher is required.

When it is stretched, weathered, or washed over, sun protection clothing may lose its effectiveness. Make sure you care for it and repair it when it is worn out.

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Understanding Choosing Right Sunscreen

Cover exposed skin with sunscreen besides wearing protective clothing. See the sunscreen:

  • has a factor of 30 and more Sun Protection (SPF)?
  • provide wide spectrum protection, UV and UVA blocking
  • contains physical blocking elements such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
  • is hypoallergenic

To check for signs of sensibility or allergic reactions, test your sunscreen in a piece of your skin. Store and throw it after a year in a cool place. Over time and when exposed to heat, sunscreen may become less effective. Please avoid these common sunscreen mistakes.

Using sunscreen 30 minutes or so before you go out. Ensure that the places that are easy to miss include:

1st is Remember to reapply

2nd is Stay in the shade

3rd is Ask your doctor about medications

4th is Don’t forget about artificial light

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