Heart Breaking News 6 Top Celebrities Living with Lupus

Heart Breaking News 6 Top Celebrities Living with Lupus

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Lupus

Lupus is a disease that is auto-immune and causes inflammation in different bodies. The signs may vary, depending on the individual, from mild to serious and even non-existent.

In the US, about 1 out of 2,000 people have lupus and 9 out of 10 cases can happen in women, according to the Johns Hopkins Lupus Center. In the teenage years early symptoms may appear and can hit adults in their 30s.

Although lupus is not healed, most people living with lupus live a relatively healthy life and even extraordinary life. Here are nine well-known examples:

1st is Selena Gomez

In an Instagram posting that documented her own kidney transplants due to the disease, Selena Gomez, a American actress and pop singer retested recently her diagnosis of lupus.

Selena had to cancel tours during lupus flares, take chemotherapy and take a significant amount of time off from her career to recover. She considers herself really safe when she’s right.

2nd is Lady Gaga

While the American singer, songwriter and actress never showed symptoms, in 2010 he tested a positive borderline for lupus.

“I don’t have it from now,” she concluded in a Larry King interview. She went on to note that her aunt died from lupus. I had to take good care of myself, she said. While there is a greater risk that a parent will contract the disease, he or she can still be unconscious for many, many years— perhaps a person’s lifetime.

Lady Gaga keeps focusing public attention on lupus as a recognized problem of her health.

3rd is Toni Braxton

Since 2011, this Grammy Award-winning singer has been openly fighting lupus.

She said in a 2015 interview with Huffpost Live, “I can’t balance anything a few days ago. “I’ve only got to lay in bed. You sound like you have control every day when you have lupus. But you’ll pass it some days. But if I don’t feel good, I tend to tell the boys, “Oh my mother is going to sleep in bed today.” I’m very relaxed with it. “Braxton said that she hasn’t ever pressured her symptoms to cancel her performance despite her numerous hospitals stays and days of rest.

“I still figure it out, even if I can’t do it. Sometimes that evening. I look back and go, ‘ What has happened to me? ‘” In 2013, Dr. Oz showed Braxton talk about lupus living. She is still regularly monitored while recording and playing music.

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4th is Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon was diagnosed in 2012, and first suffered severe lupus symptom including kidney failure and blood clots in her lung. He is an American prolific rapper, singer, comedian, director, screenwriter, producer and contractor.

He stated in an interview with HuffPost Live in 2016: “It was just super scary because you know… you haven’t heard lupus before. “Till I was diagnosed, I knew nothing about it. But now, I am happier to me than I was.”

Cannon emphasizes how important diet is to prevent flare-ups and to take other precautionary measures. He thinks, if you know that lupus is a living condition, you can overcome it with certain changes in the lifestyle and maintain a strong support system.

5th is Kristen Johnston

Diagnosed at the age of 46, the comedian actress had first symptoms of lupus myelitis, the rare form of lupus affecting the spine. Johnson’s ultimate diagnosis required her to undergo chemotherapy and steroid therapy after 17 visits and months of painful tests, and six months later she achieved remission.

She said in an interview with Leute of 2014: “Every single day is a blessing, and I don’t take one second for granted.”

After many years of fighting alcohol and drug abuse, Johnston is now practicing sobriety.

“To go through this terrible experience, all was always masked by drugs and alcohol — I don’t know I’m just a happy human being.

Johnston was also involved in the 14th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball in Beverly Hills, California in 2014 and he has continued publicly speaking about the severity of his disease since then.

6th is Trick Daddy

A few years ago, the discoid lupus was diagnosed with trick daddy, an American rapper, actor, and author, although he no longer uses Western medicine to treat it.

“This is because I had to take a test or other medication every 30 days, for every drug they gave me, so I didn’t have any side effects of drugs, kidney or liver failure. I’ve just been saying I didn’t take any medicine all together,” he said in an interview with Vlad TV, 2009.

Trick Daddy told the interviewer that he believed many lupus treatments were Ponzi schemes, and that he still practiced his “ghetto diet” but felt wonderful since he didn’t experience any recent complications.

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