Things I found help me handle my Fibromyalgia.

By: Dr Alexa James

Living with Fibromyalgia is challenging.

We do need to find out how Fibro works and how best to treat the symptoms, and we really need scientists to get it and to make this weakening condition, based on several factors, attention, and time. Doctors have only treated the symptoms that are enough to control the condition, but it does not work long term.

In the past, the medical community tend to consider Fibromyalgia as an explanation for people who have sleep, pain and other problems. We seem to be reaching a point when some researchers are prepared to say “wait, there’s more,” than they thought before. As a result, currently living with Fibromyalgia are obligated, for pain relief, emotional turmoil and other symptoms that we experience, to go to communities full of people dealing with the same symptoms and problems as we.

The following list shows the things I’ve discovered that help me deal with my fibromyalgia every day. It is a battle, and it can be very solitary. I hope they can help anyone else who lives with this condition. People don’t understand how it affects us, but they just don’t get it even when we try to explain.

You can’t imagine how you feel, yet you still work, so you don’t think this should be so bad. That’s it. It’s pretty horrible, and it is very confusing, since you can’t control how physically you feel. If you feel like I’m doing every day, please take advantage and use these tips to at least handle Fibromyalgia in some way.

For this condition, there is no cure-all. These techniques are not designed to help me say anything close to “Do these and you’ll find it.” These techniques will not fix you, but they can only help you to cope with what you’re dealing with.

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  1. That’s easier said than done, I understand, but truly try. As we often struggle against the sense of meaninglessness and feel like a burden, this could be one of the hardest things to do for us. Knowing when to give up and seek assistance can have a substantial impact on how we feel. Don’t care what people think, your emotional stress will also lessen. You are a combatant. You’re fighting against a condition that people can’t understand, or even imagine. They don’t think any more because they don’t know how it looks like.
  2. Assign a value to each event based on the effort you need to achieve and the time it takes before and after the recovery. Use this chart to help you figure out the next tip and also to help you understand how each activity is affecting you. (I started using a5-point system, 5-point system.
  3. It’s not a good day, not a bad day, but one of the days that most of us spend our time between. Once you know that, you can better measure what activities you can do before you stop, or better predict what you can fit in a given time frame.
  4. I’ve actually gone so far as to take a scheduling calendar before and after, to help me see how I need to take care of oneself. My body is not like that, and sometimes I find it difficult to remember and accept that fact.
  5. It is just as important to recover as to prepare. It takes time, and less activity takes place during the day, so many of us have to do it hard, but it is necessary. We hurt ourselves more if we don’t take the time to do these things, and we can do even less. The preparation and recovery aspect of a calendar like the calendar I mentioned before can help. Sometimes it’s easier to accept when you can see how much time your body needs to recover.
  6. Make a list of foods which you believe could affect you and begin to get rid of, one by one. Tell any changes you notice from the latest food eliminated every day during your daily routine. My own investigations have convinced me that food can have an impact on our feelings absolutely. I systematically removed food from my diet for a solid couple of years. It was more difficult to tell at the beginning which foods caused which symptoms, but the more I eliminated it was easier to know exactly what effects every product caused. For myself, it is necessary for me to avoid all the milks of dairy, many strong spices, and caffeine and to drink anything that is unclear (due to my kidneys.) I stick with lean grilled meat, veggies and not too hard for me fruits. Many books and websites on anti-inflammatory diets are available. I suggest that you look for an idea what foods are going to be eliminated.
  7. It must be very simple on your body but it still helps to move your muscles so that atrophy does not cause damage. In times you can’t get out and do things, that matters even more. That is why you want it to be sufficiently light, whether you have a good or a bad day. In 5-10 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day, this is easiest for me. I’m stretching lightly, walking in and a few 2.5 lb weight arm lifts. This is not so much, but in moderation it is movement, and motion DOES help. In our cases, excess can hurt us seriously, so it is difficult to exercise. I regard movement and practice as two different worlds. I have not the energy or the power to resist pain, but I have the ability and the strength to create energy, to move at least a little daily, because the effects of being only sedentary can be far worse.
  8. There may be several things to this. You want, of course, to physically care for yourself. This includes stretching, medication, noticing new symptoms, etc, which are elsewhere covered, but it also includes mental care. It is even more important to ensure that your anxiety is relieved and managed when you have anxiety or other mental illness. Stress can have an important physical impact on your body, particularly if you have chronic conditions. Develop a routine for everyday stress or anxiety management, which can be included in your everyday self-care.
  9. Someone who said it could be a new treatment or a symptom you didn’t know had something to do with Fibro. The more you know about it, the better you can understand what is going on with your doctor and about what you need to discuss. Make sure you don’t take and focus only on one-off situations. Do not allow it to send you into paranoid mode when you are looking for stuff. It’s not sound. Make sure you also look for others in the same field, if you read a personal experience, in order to get a more varied perspective on the matter. You would at least like to ensure that the author has experience with this subject or is from an officially certified source when reading informative articles. Reading articles with outlying headlines on Fibromyalgia adds to confusion and can overwhelm you with fear without further exploration of where the information is from. Please ensure that the proof can be supported on what you read.
  10. Many of you may have tried to, but if you don’t, or you may not, you ought to try. When maintained at constant, consistent levels, most medicinal products work best. That means that they can really be taken in a timetable. When you learn about fibromyalgia every day, you should also investigate your medications. Knowing what side effects can actually contribute to making them less severe in some people and also helps you to know when your medications are causing something.

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Taking time to do these things can actually help your quality of life when you are suffering from a chronic disease. If you develop and adhere to a routine to manage your diseases on a daily basis, it’s more likely to help you control your disease–at least to the degree to which it is controlled.

Nothing will improve everything–that’s why this is a chronic disease–but we can take some control and give ourselves the best chance to feel as good as we can. I hope that my fibromyalgia management can also help you to get as much control over them as possible.

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