What daily tasks do somebody with fibromyalgia feel like?

By: Dr Alexa James

With fibromyalgia, your routines, abilities and skills can be very restrictive. Fibro pain affects every aspect of your life, just like it takes a lot of energy and time to perform a simple task.

People can’t think how they feel, yet they still work, so they don’t think it should be too bad. Hey, hey. It is pretty horrible and very confusing, because you do not have much control over how physically you feel. You feel like I am doing it every day, at least to manage your Fibromyalgia in some extent, do yourself a favor and use these tips.

So, our Facebook community “fibromyalgia” is asked what it’s like to do, because it’s fibromyalgia, to share with you a everyday task. So has drawn up a list of its answers and thinks that this is true and does not overestimate our conditions.

It’s a painful job for many to take a shower, so I don’t take as many as I ought. It’s nice every day to be clean, but at what cost? The same goes for homework, such as cleaning, flooring, etc. It is like walking in wet cement and the more I walk it gets harder. Fibro morning exhaustion is another major daily problem, too. These are the normal activities for a healthy person and it may take a short time, but it’s a huge task for us to get away from it.

There are 27 different stuff listed in order to relate to everyone who reads this, so if at first you have nothing to do with it, read it, and perhaps you’ll find anything. If you wish to add a comment to the list below, share it with others if you relate to that too.

Here is what community share with us:

1. Each morning, wake up. It feels like you have always had the worst haven— TOUR. Headache, nausea, pain and all-round susceptibility, a lack of desire. If you had never had a game, maybe try to think that you’re knocked, trampled and put on a joystick.

2. We should wake up restful and refreshed… from bed, but I always feel like I was hit by the train. Getting out of bed is like glass and will shake

3. Showering is both a wonderful sensation and probably the most strenuous task of the day. Not sure why but it drains every single ounce of my body’s energy.

4. Walking, even walking for any time to be able to perform tasks that take longer than 15 minutes or walk more than 5 or 10 minutes, even for a leisurely walk through a park… that is the world for me!

5. Select the right clothes and underwear. Other people who will in no way hurt me.

6. The house and the kitchen are cleaned. The floor sweeps & bumps.

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7. Get up morning. Get up early. Still in pain and so tired. Getting out of bed in the morning feels like a truck ran over me, and then, in the morning too, I feel nausea–Marie

8. A clippy who pulls my hair from behind feels as if it is buried into my skirt and puts 5 lbs. Pressing my cranium. The pomegranate even feels like I’ve got to squint it’s so tight.

9. I try to sleep on my feet without any sleep support or ice bags. The longer I sit down, but I’m so tired, I hurt more and more. It’s overnight. At around 5 am, I can fell into astonishingly asleep, then I’m in sleep blackout. I miss many things to try to get my sleep up and get depressed. I miss many things. It hurts so much and gives me headaches, so I can’t think straight. I’m anxiety because I don’t know next to the lack of normalcy what I’m going to mess up. Every week it’s becoming difficult to cope with fibro that I live with. Roxane

10. Since I have suffered a injury in my shoulders. Carry my laundry basket down and up my steps or, in the event of pain, it hurts to push the cart when I use the shopping cart on a shop.

11. It is very hard to Tryna to keep comfortable, no matter what I do, to sit down and walk. I tried to take my children out to walk for the sun, but after I had gone out of school, I only lasted about one hour.

12. Bathing the children. Bathing the children. It exhausts me completely. Cooking.

13. Dishes are a nightmare to wash. I’m afraid the water hurts the position. My wrists and fingers are hurt by my height. The noise hurts my ears, the smells sick me. Washing dishes. It’s going to take all day. I’m doing a couple then sitting, do a couple then sitting.

14. Someone added that he would do the dishes or whatever else that feels like a long endurance race. Time!

15. I forget it. My teeth and hair are brushing. Because my jaw hurts after 30 seconds when my mouth is open, my arms begin to ache for one or two minutes. Get up in the morning… exhausting just afterwards. I’m not.

16. Hanging washing. Hanging washing. I swear I might cause less pain by stabbing myself with a knife.

17. Dressing up. Something else that can seem so easy that you spent hours trying outfit after outfit on the mall. And Someone added that in my arms and shoulders I have dreadful burning pains and that I cannot go behind me looking at a belt, undo my bra, etc.

18. My long hair is scratching. I have my arms and hands to stop & rest. I can do it, however. It only takes longer and hurts me.

19. Fold over or stand up out of the seat. Takes each power ounce. I feel like the woman of eighty years old. Take an ounce of energy out of me in a shower. Normally, after preparing in the morning you need two hours ‘ nap. And for hours I loved to drive. Twenty minutes driving now causes a lot of sciatic pain that I can no longer take. And only a year ago I was diagnosed. Don’t look forward to looking for the future.

20. Steps up, ramps–my legs have the hardest anything uphill. Trees or steps are used. My articulations feel like I have sprains, and my muscles are dull. Sweat from pain- I always break out of

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21. Riding… I’ve no longer got to the point where I got people ride me around because shifting gears harm too much.

22. Yeah… I want to run away just some days to have some rest

23- Being a single mother. raising a very active 7-year-old myself with very little help. The aspiration. It’s hard to do, it is even an easy walk away. Hardest thing to make a shampoo for my tapestry is to take a lot of my muscles and I unfortunately suffer from OCD and I like to clean my tapes at least every three months.

24. The openness of a jar, milk or soda… my arms pain. Now my husband needs to wait so he can help me to stir and pour…… feels like shit.

25. I used to bake much. The worst indoor task is washing. If it is too heavy to pick up, I usually push the basket on the floor. I’m so winded that I have to rest after I have carried or pushed a basket, then loaded the washer. But then after a stepping stub (I am short), I lean into the washing machine and transfer clothes to the dryer. My shoulders are burning and the joints melt. My entire flesh is tearing, my headache is winding, my heart rate is up, my hands don’t want to work anymore and hurt, I have hashimotos, I’m anemic. I’m anemic. When I get loads changed, I’m tired and too painful to fold my clothes to my couch.

26. Hint. Hit. My cats bump my thigh and hip on my bellow or my dog. It hurts everything. I always felt bad, because my ex-husband hurt his feelings by not wanting him to touch me. For the sake of light, I have always felt I was sensitive, like pets on you or a light hand at my back. I was always sensitive.

27. My dogs wash. Wash. They are small and I have just skyrocketed to bend over the bathtub and my pain. I’m finished for several days when they are washed and dried. I enjoyed our care routine so much, it’s torture now.

28. Zip and buttoning. For many people it seems normal, but not for us. Hands are numb, thick and tormented, with no strength whatsoever.

29. Make a candy. For example, thuna mayo… Stir the mayo in a feeling as stiff as I mix cement with a ruptured wrist. I have to stop and begin to taste so much that I am exhausted and I am sore on my back too. I feel like I have to rest, because my muscles are sick and dull

30. I had to read books, such as magazines, and go through them one or two a week at least. The brain fog is the toughest part for Me (and chronic fatigue!) Now, without wondering what I’m doing, I can even get across a text message. Mental agony reflects clearly on one task.

31. Washing because it involves not only lifting, but also up and downstairs. Shopping also takes a lot of time to my entire body-

32. Walking up the stairs. Fibromyalgia has made my knees so painful. There aren’t any solutions either I literally have to pull myself up by the banister and hope for the best or the occasional bear walk/crawl but that’s painful too because of arthritis in my hands.

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