So much more than just pain is Chronic Pain

By: Dr Alexa James

Very often, people do not understand what Fibromyalgia is like, and other chronic, invisible diseases that cause chronic pain. In their lives they have experienced constant pain, so many have somehow, but they have never had to deal with long-term pain. I tried to search for the “official” pain labels for different pain types I felt but could not find a label with a proper description for them all. I found technical descriptions and patient descriptions sometimes, but nothing entirely correct.

Chronic pain differs greatly from the average pain. It can vary from mild to severe, but it can be more difficult to treat the mildest chronic pain long term than the severe acute or short-lived pain. It constantly stalks you until you cry, weep and are desperate for relief–making even the simplest task a serious fight. We celebrate some days just getting it from our bed to our couch, because that day is really so difficult to do. The pain probably prevented a relaxing sleep and does not forget all the other symptoms that are accompanied by these diseases.

The list is long, with extreme fatigue, nausea, cognitive problems, migraines, light sensitivity, sound, smells, contact and motion. The pain is also not a single type of pain. It’d be too easy, I suppose. No, many forms of pain are accepted. Multiple forms are often used simultaneously. It’s a blow… read this with as much sarcasm as you can, because it definitely doesn’t have any fun at all.

The following kinds of pain seem common to our condition by feeling my own pain and interviews with others with Fibromyalgia:

Musculoskeletal pain:

Feeling like a deep, ache and flu-free feelings, sometimes for weeks, or months, at once, crawling through my body.

Pain of the nerves:

I wrote it in advance, and the pain of the devil is the nerves again. It’s torturous, so you can feel crazy because your body is on fire, you’ll swear. The worst pain you can imagine is stabbing, itching and burning. Like burning on a red-hot metal piece, but can’t do anything to calm it down. In order to persuade myself to NOT fire, I always look at whatever part of the body it happens. It’s a mental trick of some kind.

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Pain of pressure:

my own label, since I still have to find a proper “official” label. Two different forms can be used. You can feel that one man is sitting on a semi-truck all over my body, and then running over for a couple of times. You feel weighed, almost incapable of moving, just like your body is held down. The second type appears randomly, apparently wherever it wants, like a flow pierced you suddenly. It is usually in a round spot of two “-four, “and the pulses are deep, but sharp and stirred pain for 4 to 20 minutes, everywhere. After a while it goes away and leaves behind a strange ache.

Joint pain:

This type of pain, whether caused by general aging or arthritis, is already known to many. It may feel like a sharp jab in your joint or a deep ache in the joint bone.


I include it, as it rarely brings pain. It can cause you to swell, to cause another kind of pressure and make you think that your body is exploding. Medications often appear not to be helpful and rigidity becomes harder to walk without feeling like a stick-figure. Pet scan also shows that fibro patients have brain inflammation.

Surgical procedures/medical treatment pain:

Oh yeah, the very things that should help me can add to our pain very often, making things even more exhausting! Things that should help us. It is impossible to describe all of them but I will call them “healing pain.” There are so many different pains this can cause, it is impossible.

TMJ / jaw / face pain:

This appears to be common to us, too. We may have sharp pain in our faces either because of poor teeth caused by their conditions or medicine to treat them or because of the inflammation of the joint tissues in the jaw. It can be awful, taking all the self-control that I don’t have to cry. All the pain and the long list of other symptoms which constantly bombard us make it much harder for us to do simple daily activities than the average person.

I have compiled a list of a few normal activities to try to explain the differences really, which virtually everyone has to do at some point. I explained to those of us with chronic pain how it can feel after each activity.

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  1. Just taking a shower — may be that at the end of a very long day we just ran for a few miles and jumped into the shower. When it’s over, we’re exhausted and can hardly move.
  2. Stepping outside in the weather above 75 °–immediately feels like 8 hours of hard work in 100 ° + weather have actually been spent. It is almost impossible to be mindful, because every ounce of energy in seconds is drained by heat.
  3. When the temperature is below 40 ° C–immediately it looks as if we have plunged into an ice bath naked. The pain is heavy, heavy and bone-like.
  4. NO drinking–it feels like we went to a bender for Spring Break and just woken up the first, sober day, following an outing at a club or concert.
  5. Getting an inflammation–feels like a flash.
  6. Two hours a day–may feel that we have been up straight for three days already.
  7. Having a light yard work for an hour usually feels like we’ve been digging holes for 8 hours.
  8. Riding in the vehicle–it feels like in the middle of a storm in a demolition derby race.
  9. As a spectator, it feels like we played it ourselves and it was a sport of contact.
  10. Making some foods–it’s like working as a dish washer an eight-hour shift.

At least one of these things should give you an idea of how much energy it takes to do things compared to the average person and pain it causes. I can remember a time when it was much easier for me too. Earlier. Before all pain, symptoms, exhaustion, emotional difficulties and relationship problems due to an invisible chronic disease are dealt with. A normal, active life was previously impossible to live.

We do not choose to make it harder for us to make it easy for others to do, or to try to understand when we are slower, or can’t go out, or cook dinner, or anything else that we might expect. It’s hard for my fellow pain patients. It’s true, not only in your head. It’s tiring and we’re trying to break it, but we’re stronger. Every day we fight. We have courage, value and compassion. Continue to fight. If you feel worthless, find something for yourself. A career doesn’t determine your value, just as it won’t determine your condition unless you allow it.

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