What are the main issues of being married to someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia Major Depressions?

It sounds like a Different.

Are you going to marry this person?

Are you already married to such a person?

Are you asking on behalf of someone?

There are several issues in here, I’ll chop them into physical and mental issues just so I can tackle them separately.

Fibromyalgia is a serious illness. The pain goes on and you don’t know why or where. A friend of mine describes it as “you are in pain, that is all you know”. Treatment is scarce, sometimes what helps may cause the patient to lose other senses like they can’t smell anymore.

Living with someone with fibromyalgia means being sensitive to their pain. Pain is something that can be seen by another person but after a while, you get frustrated when you can’t help. Accepting your limit and not excepting your spouse to function normally is key.

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Major depression is another issue. While depression can be treated or at least managed, in many cases the patient does not cooperate in treatment or the illness is severe. Living with a depressed person means you will have to understand that their mood may not have anything to do with you or anyone or anything at all. A lot of patience and the ability to be vigilant about your spouse’s mood changes will be required.

Quick to anger is a possible symptom of depression, so see above. Note additionally that a good plan for safety is required. Don’t aggravate your spouse in anger, it will further damage them and may put you or others in danger as well.

Never accepting responsibility is a very serious concern, which led me to this question: how do you know that someone never accepts responsibility? This is a behavior trait that can only be accurately stated with an extended period of observation with neutrality.

If you love or hate or have any preconceived emotion about this person, then your characterization may not be accurate. What really matters is: if you are considering marriage or are married to this person, this is not a condition that happens, it’s something willful. Are you willing to accept this willful behavior? It’s selfish and will be extremely damaging to the relationship.

One can fight depression and fibromyalgia with their spouse, people face illnesses together. But, this behavior trait, if true, will most likely be the deal-breaker or the ship sinker. The only thing you can do is to accept that everything in the relationship is your responsibility.

Please note that all of this is based on the assumption that all of the above is true. I’ve seen people in marriage with depression, anger issues, fibromyalgia, all of the above, some of the above, and their marriages are just fine. The lack of responsibility is something totally different.

Lastly, just because someone has a mental health problem does not mean they have terrible behavior traits. Look closely and know the exact detail before you proceed or advise someone.

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