Why do some people call Fibromyalgia “Fatso-myalgia”?

Different sufferers have various opinions related to the term fatso-myalgia, Here we have we warriors who shared their experiences here.

My life my way with fibromyalgia

I am 5’4”. When my fibromyalgia symptoms started, I was 22 and weighed 140lbs. I was, and still am, an endorphin junky who loved swimming and running. I had to give up running because of pain spreading to all my muscles, particularly after weight-bearing exercise. My weight plummeted to 105lbs. I most likely lost some muscle mass along with the fat, and I was depressed and nauseous from medication side effects. I was rolling down my jeans several times over and folding down and pinning my skirts in the back.

After I learned to manage my symptoms better, I got back to swimming, using fins to spread the work over my entire body, thus avoiding a major flare in my shoulders and obliques. I picked up a sport called underwater hockey.

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My weight rose back up to around 125lbs after I started feeling somewhat better, and it mostly hovers around this amount. However, when I feel worse, it can drop back down to between 110–115lbs, again because of loss of muscle mass from having to lie on the couch so much, compounded by depression from missing out on my favorite activities and whatever current flavor of side effect is plaguing me due to whatever new medication I am attempting to manage my symptoms with.

I also recently came to the realization that I have quite a bit of anxiety sprinkled into my depression, due to never entirely knowing if some new treatment or activity is going to make my symptoms worse or better. And having to answer questions like this one. This question makes me lose my appetite.

I realize my story is not typical and that most people gain weight after developing fibromyalgia. However, to my understanding, being overweight or obese comes with a specific set of symptoms, which can include pain, but that is distinct from our understanding of fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes. In other words, fibromyalgia can affect people of all sizes, and there is still much work to be done to narrow down all the possible causes and risk factors.

My life is stuck with fibromyalgia

Because they are ignorant and cruel. I was struck with this disease in my late teens. I was, if anything, underweight at the time. The blood bank routinely turned me away from donations because I didn’t meet their minimum weight requirement.

Gaining weight didn’t cause my disease. I was slender until my mid-thirties. The sedentary lifestyle enforced by chronic pain and fatigue eventually caused me to gain weight. This is exacerbated by the fact that being sick all the time makes it much harder to shop for and prepare low-calorie, healthy meals.

I’m now nearly fifty and considered clinically overweight by about fifteen pounds, but I have never been in the category of obese.

I my living fat with fibromyalgia

I am a 41-year-old female with Fibromyalgia. 5’5″ 215lbs. Fat. Well, I haven’t always been sick, and not coincidentally, I haven’t always been fat. Like many fibro patients, I am fighting other things as well, but Fibro was the downfall of my active life and the subsequent rise of my weight.

I think many people see my sedentary lifestyle and think that I would be much healthier if I would just exercise more. (They’re not wrong) That my pain and fatigue are the results of my laziness. Thus, “Fatsomyalgia

But the pain came first. The fat came later.

Now it’s just the revolving door of pain=lazy=fat=pain.

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