Is my Illness Related to Ascension?

It would depend on your definition of ascension. I suspect that just like almost all illnesses can be viewed from an anatomic, biochemical, and biophysics perspective, and often explained largely from each of those perspectives individually, it can also be explained from a Mind/body/spirit perspective.

I have discussed the mind-body perspective of fibromyalgia elsewhere. But not so much the spiritual interplay with the physical. So please bear with me as I give a perspective to consider.

In metaphysical terms, Ascension can be seen as moving from a perspective of Duality to Unity. People with fibromyalgia, overall tend to be more empathic, and often have difficulty setting clear boundaries (as in saying “No” to requests that feel bad). Setting up an energy crisis in their lives.

The thymus gland, which is the seat of our immune function is the ability to set boundaries between self and others. An ability that needs to be learned to be able to move to ascension, or Unity, while still also maintaining our unique individual perspectives at the same time. Fibromyalgia is a common problem in that growth path, as we learn to develop a perspective of Unity (Ascension) while maintaining ourselves.

In that way, it can be viewed as a milestone on the path to Ascension, teaching us to love and respect all, and all perspectives, while still being able to simply say No to things that feel bad. An important lesson of the illness.

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