Can Domestic Abuse bring on Fibromyalgia?

Three Fibro Warrior Women have shared their stories of domestic abuse. That is how fibromyalgia is becoming worse with domestic abuse.

1st Fibro Warrior Women

Yes, yes yes!!!!!! My ex-husband started abusing me emotionally and mentally after I moved in with him. Before that, he was so sweet kind, and very loving. The symptoms we not from just my feet burning, I had that for CPL years before I met him. How did the intensity come on fast? I had to quit my job and was literally bedbound for 2 years before I got a handle on it.

2nd Fibro Warrior Women

Yes, it absolutely can!

When I was diagnosed in 2009, my rheumatologist, while she was examining me, made the observation that I had been badly abused. She asked when the abuse had taken place, what type of abuse I had endured, and if I had been raped.

As I answered her questions, I began asking some of my own and she noted that in her years of practice that she had noted that those who had suffered from abuse displayed different characteristics in their conditions. Those who showed symptoms early in life were more likely to have more serious trigger events and symptoms later in life.

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I have been now told by three different rheumatologists and two different pain management practitioners that I have one of the worst cases that they have ever seen. It is not a condition that is easy to deal with, but it is one that can eventually affect every aspect of your life.

 3rd Fibro Warrior Women

Domestic abuse is extreme stress, which can in some cases trigger Fibromyalgia. It’s one of those weird conditions that have a whole mountain of things that can trigger it. I’d consider domestic abuse to be pretty high up there on the list.

For me, it was (I think) a car accident after I had just had neck surgery (3wks post-surgery, augh, I know), plus the stress of not being well enough to function at my job. 900% not fun, I’ll tell you that much.

Fibromyalgia is tied up into psychological yet physical pain which is why some people do really well on Cymbalta as a part of their treatment. Cymbalta, while helping agitated nerves calm (much like epilepsy), also acts as a mood stabilizer. That can help with the psychological state post-trauma (i.e. the domestic abuse, which hopefully has been dealt with accordingly), allowing the abused party to step back from the situation long enough to breathe and begin to heal and provide a scientifically proven way to relieve nerve pain.

In short, your emotions are tied to your physical well-being. Fibromyalgia is, very literally, in your head and in your nerves. Brain scans show that the electrical activity in a person that has Fibromyalgia is much, much higher than in someone who doesn’t have it. Great stress changes the body (I know since I’ve lived a life of intense stress myself and am a survivor of child molestation), which affects the mind. Invasive surgeries can also trigger Fibromyalgia – great stress on the body, which, again, affects the mind.

You might go through 20 surgeries and not get Fibromyalgia. You might go through 50 instances of domestic abuse and not get Fibromyalgia. Or you could have two surgeries and get in a fender bender that changes your whole life, triggering Fibromyalgia. It’s a lotta weird for a complex set of conditions that may or may not leave someone suffering from Fibromyalgia.

If you think there’s something wrong, see a Rheumatologist right after you take that harrowing leap out of that shitty domestic situation. Get yourself out of the stress, contact a shelter, go live with your mom, get safe and then get answers.

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