Does fibromyalgia cause permanent damage?

I have so many auto-immune diseases going on, I’ll begin with fibromyalgia.

When I lived in Vermont, one morning I could hardly get out of bed…all my muscles and joints hurt very much. I thought I’d have to call an ambulance. I lie there a while in bed. Eventually the severe pain eased us. I had what is known as a “flare”.

I went to my Dr. She said her office would make an appointment with a teaching hospital in New Hampshire. I was given a ride there. The Physician’s assistant pressed on various muscles…wow! Did that hurt! I was given no information. I didn’t know a thing!

A friend of mine had scads of information.

What happened is how our brain and spinal cord process pain signals. They are very exaggerated! Most of fibro. patients are women. Also if you have another painful disease like arthritis, and have anxiety and depression. Also, if you were emotionally abused or physically abused.

Fibro. can give you headaches, dry mouth, nose, and eyes. Sensitivity to light and sound, heat or cold.

Treatments: moist heat, gentle exercise…meds used are Cymbalta and Lyrica. But the best one for me was Plaquenil. it’s a malaria drug. It helped immediately.

Thanks and Be safe.

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