Why does Fibromyalgia have such a Bad Reputation?

Fibromyalgia has a bad reputation because many members of the medical community doubted that it was a real disorder until the last several years. Even with the change in perception of the disorder, there are still a number of medical personnel who do not believe in it.

Fibro is one of those things that cannot be proven by standard medical testing. As a result of this, many who are relatively naive about it still think it is all in our heads.

It isn’t.

The perception is slowly changing. Recognition by the CDC over the past several years has helped this. Having Social Security add it as a recognized disability further helps. There are still those out there who doubt it, and unfortunately, many of them are highly outspoken about their thoughts.

Coming from someone who suffers from it, this attitude is detrimental to us fibro patients. It is hard enough living with the unrelenting pain as it is. Since they have taken away many of our medications, we have discovered that it is even more debilitating than many of us were aware of. I went off my meds voluntarily almost a year and a half ago.

I was sure that I could handle it. I was wrong. I’m now at a point where I am very aware of what I am unable to do because of my pain. My depression over my pain has increased. I have tried many different alternative treatments including the low dose ketamine infusions that only served to poison me and put my butt in the hospital and in a position where high dosages of steroids had to be used which then served to crash my immune system.

I’m currently looking for a new pain management practice that is willing to take me on as a patient.

I do want to make something very clear here – I’m not addicted to pain medication. I never was. Since my fibro reached epic proportions in 2009, and actually before that, I get no buzz from opiates. I only experienced enough relief to function as a normal healthy person to some degree – not completely mind you because that can never be with my levels of pain.

When I took myself off of my meds in 2017, I experienced almost no withdrawal symptoms, and those that did show up faded after 48 hours. I do not crave them but I will admit that I miss them, and some days are worse than others.

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