My Review after using different Fibromyalgia Medications?

I’ve tried just about every medication possible over the years, and have just recently ended up with a configuration that works for me. Some of these are atypical, and were prescribed for something else but ended up helping.

I am putting my results with each here, because although everyone reacts differently – especially fibro patients – I have found it helpful seeing other people’s experiences in order to help figure out where side effects were coming from and to have suggestions to take to my doctors to see what they think of it. Often there are meds they haven’t considered, or had forgotten about that could be helpful.


For example, was the last resort to pull me out of severe allergy-triggered depression. Doctors refuse to prescribe stimulants for Chronic Fatigue. The Psychiatrist who prescribed it was shocked at the results, saying I responded to it like a narcoleptic. I have been on it ever since, and if I don’t take it, I just end up asleep all day long.

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Is a pretty amazing drug. It’s known to cause weight gain though, although I’m only up 5lbs from when I started it almost a year ago, so it doesn’t always. I am unable to take conventional antihistamines anymore, and can’t take prednisone on an ongoing basis or I end up losing my cognitive abilities.

So I asked my doctor for something to suppress my immune system because my fibro was flaring badly. Another patient of hers had been given Doxepin by an allergist, so she gave it to me to try. I haven’t had a major flare since going on it (10mg 2x/day), and my (environmental) allergies have been almost completely controlled. Great stuff!


Is a blood pressure medication and can have an antidepressant effect at higher doses, and also works magically well to prevent migraines. I was getting up to 6/day every day and they were totally debilitating. The neurologist gave me this, and I only get 1 mild migraine a month now. I am on a fairly high dose so get some antidepressant effect as well, but I don’t feel stoned like I did on Effexor, and don’t get the druggy-looking eyes either.


My bp has been low all my life but suddenly went super high last year. This stuff helps control that (along with the Verapamil) and also alleviates excess bloating from food issues, so I no longer look like I might be pregnant after having a meal I didn’t prepare myself (most ladies will be able to relate to this).


I can no longer take painkillers after landing in a pain cycle last summer. I have managed to stay off them almost completely for the past year under this medication regimen. The only time I took anything was after the surgery, and I managed 5 days before the cycle started again. It wasn’t a fun recovery!


Low-dose Hydromorphone was the best of the pain meds for me. I was on Tramacet for years but it stopped working and started fogging up my brain badly. I went on Hydromorphone and my head cleared right up. I also needed far less medication when on it, which was easier on the body. Codeine makes me turn suicidal, so can’t go there.


This is the part of marijuana that doesn’t get you high. I can’t tolerate THC even in the smallest dose, but CBD is an amazing painkiller. It made me hungry but killed the pain. Unfortunately, after a time, it also starts the pain cycle up, so I limit it to emergencies now.

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