Please avoid these things if you have fibromyalgia?

I’m not telling you what not to do, but a way to get to the point where you can do things. Avoiding things with fibromyalgia is a slippery slope. It reinforces how disabled you are. You need to be active, but very slowly increasing what you’re doing

Go to a physiotherapist and tell them you want to start SLOWLY you are able to move your knee fives. Do it. Tomorrow do six times, and soon. Each day add one muscle group with the same gradual increase. Start doing very short walks just half a block a day for a week, then ¾ block a day for a week. People will say that’s not going to help. Of course, initially, you won’t notice a difference, but after a few weeks, you’ll find you can do a surprising amount.

Tai chi is a very gentle exercise and if you go for only 10 minutes initially and gradually increase You will feel better mentally too. Get input from a physio as to the best muscle groups and how to exercise them.

One of the things that fibromyalgia patients often do his nap during the day. However hard it is, don’t nap. Go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time (set an alarm if necessary) Saturday and Sunday too. Getting back into a regular sleep pattern.- patients always said it was impossible.

I’d say if you went to Japan, within a week your sleep pattern would change. So you can do it! It takes determination, but it does help. Sleep disturbance is a major problem with fibromyalgia and it’s not helped by napping. If you wake up in the middle of the night get up for a few minutes have a drink of warm milk or a small snack and go back to bed. If you’re in pain use a hot pack or whatever works for you while you’re having your drink.

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Eat meals at regular times. Remember how miserable young children get when they don’t get food on time. Get massages, go swimming in a warm pool ( most Ys have an evening when a small pool is warmed for very young children. Try an aquatic exercise class and remember to start slowly (5–10 ) minutes to start increasing by 10 minutes a week.

One of the big keys to improving fibromyalgia is to consciously get your body back into a routine. Another thing I saw over and over was someone in the early strange of working this program was they’d go out and mow the lawn or spend two hours at the grocery store and lifting heavy bags. Tell everyone when you start what you are doing and that you are working very slowly.

Initially, you need to get lots of help, but after a month you will find you can do a little more. Buy prepared meals or get delivery. Get family members to load the dishwasher, do the laundry for the first few weeks. That’s all exercise. Do not lie around in bed. Read, play music, etc get friends over for tea or coffee go to the movies. 

Gradually increase the amount you do as your physical fitness improves. And it will. Can you wiggle your foot five times? Of course, you can. You won’t feel bad tomorrow when you wiggle it 6 times. You can increase daily or alternate days. If you work and sit all day, get up stretch and go for a short walk down a corridor or to the washroom. Sitting in one place really stiffens you

Depression makes management of pain more difficult, so if you are depressed go and see your doctor and get help. Pain clinics and acupuncture can sometimes help. Meditation, relaxation creative imagery with a therapist can help

I have helped many people with fibromyalgia and they usually do very well. The key is to go slowly. If you overdo it you’ll get discouraged. One of my family does sweet nothing for days and then vacuums the house from top to bottom. He then lies in bed for a few days moaning and groaning and feeling martyred. He sabotages any recovery.

Doing things slowly may be frustrating. The house may be in a mess, you may be living on take-out, frozen pizza, etc. But it’s not forever and your family and friends should understand if you explain.

If prescribed take antidepressants, and pain medication. I advise fibromyalgia patients not to get on tranquilizers like Valium Type drugs. They really don’t help fibromyalgia and it’s easy to become dependent. Also, they mess up sleep patterns. A nonaddictive medication for sleep that works quite well with no hangover is Melatonin with L theanine. Just check with your pharmacist that it won’t interfere with any of your other medications

Ask your pharmacist. I know Costco has it So do many stores selling healthy foods, vitamins, etc.

Good luck. If you really commit to this I guarantee you will improve your quality of life. This is not about what to avoid? It’s about getting going and taking control of your illness.

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