Effects of Spine Treatment on Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alex Robber

These days many of fibromyalgia patients are taking spine treatment. It has been noted that, Spine therapy are helping him a lot in this chronic pain according to fibromyalgia patients. Now a day many fibromyalgia patients are treating spine therapy for temporary relief of their back pain.

Study shows that 43 percent of fibromyalgia patients are suffered from severe back Pain. Epidural steroid injections are preferred by many Fibromyalgia Patients, by using these injections that they are get rid of Severe Back Pain or Backbone problem. According to researchers, if you want a temporary relief then these injected these steroids are good but by looking long term results these are not useful.

These days Spine treatments like Epidural Steroid Injections are very popular. But Spine therapy treatment or facet joining interventions treatments also have their many drawbacks. According to the medical community, currently 40 percent is a failure rate of these treatments now a days and success rates is also very low which means that every 40 out of 100 fibromyalgia patients may not get recovery from these treatments, the remaining fibromyalgia patients may get temporary relief, but these treatments do not have long term benefit.

Recent study shows that, due to the history of spine surgery, the use of opioids medications and facing depression at the young age gives poor results of Spine treatments.

In abnormal pain processing by the central nervous system is affected one of the most common cause of fibromyalgia which is globally accepted. These are the reasons why spine treatments have more failure are admitted by the medical community.

Study shows that due to low levels of pain-inhibiting neurotransmitters in fibromyalgia patients and high levels of neurotransmitters that increase pain sensations. This is the reason that spine treatments have a very low success rate in fibromyalgia patients.

Now a day’s people are moving to various other treatments and medications for fibromyalgia because the spine treatment has very low percentage relief chances.

By treating lower back pains serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors an anti-depressants medication is very useful. Doctors mostly suggest patients to adopt a light exercise with this but due to already pain patients usually don’t do this.

The accurate readings of studies for proper treatments by using spine injections and the use of neuroimaging can be found with the help of more tests. The limitations of the study are its cross-sectional and single site design.

For the proper cure of fibromyalgia, a lot of researches has been going on. By getting relief from fatigue and pain patients are trying their best. Fibromyalgia patients are getting increase day by day but still, there is no proper treatment and medication in not available for this medical condition.

Your life is totally change by fibromyalgia. Because your life become hell by facing daily thousands of symptoms every day for this illness. My Whole body hurts like hell. You cannot find a proper sleep at night due to pain, stress and depression. A single touch of hand will feel like hell. But sometimes you fell that you are hurting even from your breathing.

Doctor of Medical community still unable to solve the mystery of fibromyalgia. No one find a proper cure unless he/she knows what’s causing it. Stay Healthizes!

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