What Causes Urticaria? How It is Linked With Fibromyalgia

By: Dr Alex Robber

My whole body is affected by fibromyalgia and not even a single part of my body is not affected. Symptoms of fibromyalgia contains endless list that has never gone end. It seems like that misery from fibromyalgia never going to end. Everyday a new symptom is added into list because fibromyalgia through a new symptom and it seems that this list is becoming more and more harmful and painful. As we are talking about symptom so let’s discuss URTICARIA which is one the most prominent symptom of FM.

Urticaria, also known as hives that your body shows blood cells reaction leading to smooth bulge plagues or in a form of pimples then it means your skin is facing Urticaria. Urticaria and it is the worst skin condition people faced in this illness. Redness and unbreakable itching are one of the main symptoms of this illness. The affected area will also Turn Red. There are many reasons why fibromyalgia leads to Urticaria. In the Later section, we are going to discuss Urticaria and its effects in Detail.

What Causes Urticaria?

When your body shows blood cells reaction leading to smooth bulge plagues or in a form of pimples then it means your skin is facing Urticaria and it is the worst skin condition people faced in this illness. Redness and unbreakable itching are one of the main symptoms of this illness. The most irritating part of this illness is that how much you want to scratch or rub but the itching and redness has not gone. With continues itching, your body fells like bugs are running under your skin and this is so much embracing.

There is a 95 percent chance that the person had an allergic reaction if a normal person facing urticaria. The main reasons behind this type of allergy is usually caused by fast food, wrong medication or sometimes because of the season condition. Once the allergy is triggered, it causes our body to release hormones called histamines. Plasma is a unique fluid is a reaction of blood cells under the skin by Histamines and eventually causes our skin to swell causing Urticaria.

There are two infected kinds of Urticaria: 

Acute and Chronic.

The Acute Urticaria Category:

When an infection is caused by the medication and food then it must be acute urticaria. Acute Urticaria doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours or in some cases up to a day.

The Chronic Urticaria Category

When an infection is caused by RA, Hyperthyroidism or Fibromyalgia then it must be Chronic Urticaria. In this case, Urticaria can happen anytime and can last up to 2 months depending on the severity of chronic illness. Most of the people affected with fibromyalgia and RA are falls under the second category: Chronic Urticaria.

Relation of Urticaria and Fibromyalgia

In a fibromyalgia patient still, Medical Communities are not confirmed the exact reasons behind Urticaria. According to them they just identify that the medication a fibro patient uses, and stress is the second factor of this illness in fibro patients

By treating fibromyalgia, we all are know that patients are used a lot of medication for pain and fatigue. Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Aspirin or ibuprofen are the most commonly used medicine that fibro patients will take. Medicines has a lot of side effects, you also know every medicine has some side effects and the results of these medicine sides effect are Urticaria.

Stress is the second most irritating cause of Urticaria. A lot of stress has daily face by the fibromyalgia patients. When you have a chronic illness and you must manage a balanced life then it means you must do daily hundred tasks. By going towards for shopping or by went to job fibro patient can take a stress of these daily routine tasks. A Normal person won’t take grocery shopping as stressful as a fibro patient take, because for us it takes a lot of energy to do shopping. A very big task for fibromyalgia patients is to manage your pain, stress and live a normal life.

Do you know one of the reasons of stress is your family. If you are facing chronic illness and your family won’t cooperate with you in this illness, then it fell like you are standalone without water and food in a huge desert.

How can you treat Urticaria?

Antihistamines is usually suggested by the doctors to get rid of this Urticaria. Combat Histamines are specifically design this medicine to get rid of plasma caused by blood cells. Benadryl is also used in fighting the Urticaria if you are not using Antihistamines. Antihistamine cream is also used to rub on the swollen area to get rid of urticaria.

Without medication you can also treat Urticaria but what you must do is to reduce you stress level. By divide your work burden with others you can easily decrease your stress level and get rid of urticaria. By using simple strategy, you can align tasks related to your job at home and finalized the project by dividing the work at home and reduced your stress. By regular exercise and walk can help you to reduced stress. Chocolate is also good that can help in reducing stress. You don’t feel stressed any more if you want to keep yourself busy. Stay Healthizes!

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Dr Alex Robber

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain and spinal cord process painful and nonpainful signals.

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