Relationship between Fibromyalgia and Blepharitis

By: Dr Alex Robber

You already know that fibromyalgia is coming with no end list of symptoms. You might think that eyes are not affected by fibromyalgia, but you are wrong eyes are also badly affected with fibromyalgia. Blurred vision is also one of symptom of that comes with fibromyalgia. In this symptom you feel someone will hit like a hammer even with a small touch of it. Blepharitis is one of the most common and irritated symptoms of eyes affected with fibromyalgia.

One of the major concerns for fibromyalgia sufferers is that with time theirs eyes get damage more and more. When a symptom starts to appear, it is important for patient to take care from the beginning. By proper checking your eyes for a good doctor may help your relief. Different eye drops are used to relief from irritation. Now let’s discuss what is Blepharitis and what can we do to avoid it.

What is Blepharitis?

In Blepharitis, Inflammation is caused around the eyes which eventually causes your eyes to get messed up. In this illness your eyes getting redder than usual. When fibers around eyes become inflamed you will feel more dryness and irritation in your eyes. Sensory pain and swallow are the main causes of this illness. After all that what you get is a blurry vision.

If you feel irritated sensation that there is always something in your eye moving, it mean your condition getting more severe. One thing you most know that Infection is the common cause of blepharitis. Bacteria started accumulating under our eyelids which eventually act as a source for food for tiny mites. This cause of inflammation in our eyes shows that bacteria mites start eating your eyes.

A sensation of moving something in the eyes are the reasons of these tiny mites. Sjogren,s syndrome is another other conditions that seems related to blepharitis as well. Our body cannot fight with blepharitis due to disturbance of our immune system and thus this disturbance may affect our body with inflammation. Fibromyalgia is the main reason of Irregular Immune system and thus blepharitis relates to fibromyalgia.

How is Blepharitis related to fibromyalgia?

As already discussed that, irregular immune system is a reason of fibromyalgia and this causes many complexities. Sjogren’s and Psoriasis are other diseases that also causes Blepharitis not only single one irregular immune system of fibromyalgia. Psoriasis is the main reason that mainly contributes to our eyes to swell up. Our body cannot fight against inflammation because of our irregular immune system, so due to immune system disturbance our body will not fight the real reason behind this inflammation. Blepharitis is not the only issues of irregular immune system, but it also causes many other symptoms to grow up.

From the above discussion, Blepharitis and Sjogren Syndrome is the reasons of irregular immune system which is all depend on fibromyalgia illness. In Sjogren syndrome gradually water is removing from your body and it generate bacteria in eyelids which causes mites to grow. So, we have understood from above discussion that one symptom is become a cause of many other symptoms.

How can you treat Blepharitis?

Now the question arises how to find a treatment for blepharitis. 1st of all you must confirm an appointment with doctor as soon as possible and discuss all feeling you are facing in your eyes like irritation, sensation and burning. Eyelid scrub is most effective, and doctors are usually prescribed eyelid scrub. Another available option is medicated wipes, by using these medicated may help to reduce the growing bacteria under your eyes which will cause mites to grow.

Electromechanical lid margin debridement is also trying if above treatments do not work. Doctors are use specialized tools in this eyes treatment to remove bacteria and mites under your eyelids. By removing bacteria from eyelids different eyes drops are also be used by doctor prescription. you must use medicated wipes/drops on a regular basis to stop this bacterium from growing again.

To stop bacteria from growing back in your eyes proper hygiene is necessary. If you want to keep your eyes healthy what you want is healthy eyelashes to maintain meibomian. When meibomian glands get a blockage the problem is started, in the eyes they will leak excessive oil, Due to excessive oil bacteria find an environment to grow and destroys eyelashes.

Warn cloth wiping are used to stop meibomian glands for blockage over your eyes. Make a routine to wash your eyes 4 to 5 time a day. In a severe symptom, to clean your eyes you can use a cotton swap with medicated eye drops. Clean your eyes on regular basis if you want to get rid of blepharitis permanently. This will stop bacteria from growing. Stay Healthizes!

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