Why Much More than Common Pain in Fibromyalgia

It impacts individuals at the stage of the muscles, mind and social skeletons.

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is defined by general musculoskeletal pain and related symptoms such as exhaustion, insomnia and behavioral disorder, including defects in the central nervous system. Therefore, what we say is more than sorrow: physical, mental and socially affected individuals.

Similarly in this context, it should be noted that this is a disease that the World Health Organization has only acknowledged since 1992. It’s a highly genetic disorder. Its incidence is roughly 2 to 5 percent of the world’s population and impacts a ratio of 8 to 1.

Although it is less common among kids and teens, the incidence is largest between 20 and 60 years of age.

This pathology’s cardinal symptom is pain. Pain starts in a body part and then migrates into several components until, after time, the pain becomes generalized, which is characteristic of fibromyalgia. The pain intensity can obviously be mild, moderate or severe, hurt during rest and motion, and is stronger both after palpation and after a lengthy period of rest.

In turn, pain has fluctuating behaviors, i.e. may harm less for some days and may hurt more for others. This is related to two circumstances that can make it worse: climate change and stress.

Two to five percent of the world’s population are prevalent. It is therefore very important not only to accept this new condition but to also train in the handling of and control of anxiety to conduct cognitive behavioral therapy as part of treatment.

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Therefore other symptoms, such as tiredness, a sense of weightless muscles, which makes it hard to move, a non-repairing sleep appearance, a cognitive alteration like memory and faults in concentrating, or stiffness or rest at morning, have been reported in conjunction with pain. Tension headaches or migraine and gastrointestinal symptoms, including irritable bowel syndrome, are also symptoms or syndromes that might relate to this disease.

Therefore according to a study released by the Association Civil Fibro América on the World Day of Illness, which is held every 12 May, it is obtained by only one in ten patients with fibromyalgia applying to be certified as a disability. According to the study, the certificate was only accepted by 10,3 percent of those surveyed, primarily females.

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