What You Need to Hear About Smiling Depression

By: Researcher Taymur

Understanding Smiling Depression

Depression usually involves depression, lethargy, and despair because somebody who can’t get it out of bed. Therefore while someone with depression will certainly experience these things, the depression can vary from person to person.

“Smiling depression” is a term that looked completely happy and contented on the inside for someone with depression. Your public life is typically “put together,” perhaps even what some people call natural or perfect.

Smiling depression in the DSM-5, is not recognized as a condition but is likely to be diagnosed as a major depressive disorder with atypical characteristics.

So learn about the symptoms of smiling depression and learn how to recognize it in others.

Understanding Smiling Depression Symptoms

Someone with a smile would be pleased, and comfortable with others from the outside. But, inside, the distressing signs of depression would be felt.

Depression has different effects and symptoms; deep and long-lasting depression is the most distinguished. Specific typical signs are:

  • appetite, weight or sleep shifts
  • tiredness and lethargy
  • feelings of despair, lack of self-confidence or low self-worth
  • loss of interest or pleasure to do what once had been loved.

However someone may experience some or all of this with smiling depression, but in public, these symptoms would most if not entirely be absent. Because a person with a smiling depression might look like someone looking from outside:

  • a high performer
  • someone with a steady job, a healthy family and social life
  • a person who seems positive, confident, and usually satisfied

Therefore when you tend to smile and put on a facade when experiencing depression, you can feel:

  • Because displaying signs of depression is like showing signs of weakness
  • like you bother anyone by sharing your real feelings
  • you don’t have depression at all because you are “good”
  • some people have a worse depression, and what do you have about that?
  • that without you the world would be better

Therefore a common symptom of depression is incredibly low energy and hard to get even out of bed in the morning. Because energy levels may not be affected by smiling depression (unless a person is alone).

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Understanding Smiling Depression Diagnosed

Therefore according to a report by The WHO Trusted Source, antithetical (conflicting) symptoms pose a smiled depression with traditional depression symptoms. Because the method of diagnosis can be difficult.

However another obstacle in the treatment of smiling depression is that most people may not even be conscious that they are or are not looking for help.

Therefore it’s important to seek help as soon as possible if you believe you have depression.

You should see a medical practitioner to be treated. Your physician will tell you about your symptoms and any major life changes.

Because you may also refer you to a professional in the field of mental health, such as a psychiatrist, to a psychologist or another specialist in psychotherapy (speaking therapy).

You must have undergone a depressed period of almost two months, most of the days, almost every day, to be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. Such symptoms affect the way you think, believe and treat day-to-day tasks like sleep, eat and work. This is another dimension of the diagnosis.

Understanding Treatment Options

However treating this type of depression is like other conventional depression therapies like drugs, psychotherapy and lifestyle changes.

Because the key step in seeking a cure to smile is opening up to someone around you. Therefore it can be a doctor, a family member or a relative.

However speaking to your therapist may be incredibly helpful for symptoms of depression, since a professional may help you develop personalized coping strategies and negative thinking techniques. So you may refer you if you believe that you may benefit from group therapy or medications.

Online resources and service are also available.

Lifeline Chat

Lifeline chat is delivered via Web Chat and offers emotional support and services by the same people, who run the suicide preventative lifeline.

Therefore you must seek treatment, as with any other kind of disease or condition. So, don’t limit your feelings. Because do not underestimate your feelings.

However when you think that someone you know will experience depression silently, tell them what they do. So be ready to listen, be ready to listen. Because if you cannot help them directly, guide them to a supporting service.

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