What to Do About Those Lumps, Bumps and Swellings!

In twenty-four years working clinically with fibromyalgia patients I have yet to meet one that does not have some lumps, bumps, and/or water-filled swellings also known as lesions just below the skin. What are these and where do they come from? They most often are not painful trigger points. They are areas of swollen tissue. With excess phosphate and calcium in fibromyalgia patients’ cells, the body is unable to evacuate these and other chemicals. These swellings, lumps, and bumps can be found in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and at times in the joints.

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Mapping is the form of examination used in our fibromyalgia protocol. This examination is done by a trained physician such as a chiropractor, MD, DO, or a physical therapist or licensed massage therapist by lightly running the flat area of fingers, the pads, over the arms, legs, neck, and any other exposed area. The location of these lesions is then drawn on a caricature of a body. As the patient continues through the fibromyalgia protocol these lesions begin to disappear.

This Mapping technique not only assists the doctor in monitoring the success of the protocol but also an additional positive stimulant for the patient to recognize progress in the return to health. This is an objective test run by the examiner on the fibromyalgia patient.  Regardless of the reaction of the patient as too painful areas the examiner should only mark down those areas that are lumps, bumps, and or swellings. There is only one area that is checked during Mapping for pain and that area is the left front thigh.

Mapping should be done on the first visit prior to beginning any other portion of the treatment program. The establishment of the baseline prior to any medication or portion of the program will be used as a reminder and comparison to where you were at the start and how each patient progresses through the protocol.

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