Fibromyalgia is a condition that is Not Worldly Known or Understood

Obviously, I cannot answer for all of the people of the countries in the world, however, those people that I interviewed for the most part either never heard of fibromyalgia or had very little knowledge of this condition. In my opinion, the people that I interviewed were well educated. Some had heard the term fibromyalgia but had little knowledge of this condition except for some similarity to flu-like symptoms. Any of the other many symptoms related to fibromyalgia such as headaches, fatigue, intestinal problems, hair loss, etc., were not considered or mentioned in the discussion.

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For example, a lengthy meeting with a group from Brazil found my discussion both interesting and fascinating but apparently had fibromyalgia confused with diabetes and cholesterol conditions. It was interesting that one male individual from the group had no problem remembering his medication, Crestor, for his cholesterol problem but refused to consider any dietary changes including heavy levels of butter and bread along with excessive smoking. When I mentioned fibromyalgia I was met by stares, shrugs, and questions. Languages caused minimal problems since most people I met were conversant in the English language.

There were three groups of people that not only were knowledgeable about the condition of fibromyalgia but also had either family or friends that had been diagnosed with it. These individuals were from the countries of England, Scotland, and Denmark. These individuals were also knowledgeable because their medical community has apparently accepted fibromyalgia as a medical condition. However, treatments suggested in these countries follow the allopathic pharmaceutical forms of treatment.

Apparently, fibromyalgia is not known or understood internationally by the general public. I also question whether or not this is also true in the U.S. This lack of knowledge and acceptance only adds to the problem of understanding the many symptoms that surround a fibromyalgia patient and the proper treatment required.

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