What makes your fibromyalgia the worst?

My case is not particularly bad compared to many, so I try hard to be grateful it isn’t worse. Fibromyalgia evolves with life, usually constantly piling on and adding to the list of symptoms.

Once in a great while, a problem might scale back or go into remission. I had bad migraines consistently approximately 3 days per week for 30 years, but those have since tapered off and now are only a few per year.

Cold weather has begun to set off daily & nightly strong leg and foot pains. It can be difficult to sleep through.

Most of my other fibro symptoms occur without any extra help from the weather. Fatigue is and always has been the worst symptom, it just never lets up(many years). Anxiety and depression are daily problems along with severe IBS and sensitive bladder with no special triggers needed.

These are bad enough that most of the leisure/fun things I once did are no longer realistic. I still work in an office and it takes just about everything I have.

Hyperalgesia consistently limits what things I can accomplish on any given day without really severe foot pain. It makes my plantar fasciitis into agony. Pushing myself causes immediate and lingering pain any time it involves being on my feet for an hour or more (sometimes it doesn’t even take half that long).

Some other less common symptoms I have to occur more randomly and there are no clear triggers.

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