Understanding Fibromyalgia, it’s Just Like a Pain in All Bones

By: Dr Alex Robber

It was called “H21” by Blandine Bouedo. “I was sleeping for another three hours. And because I’ve been tired, I slept, “he told me. This 55-year-old psychiatrist is fibromyalgia. Similarly chronic pain, exhaustion and sleep disorders throughout the body is the syndrome on Tuesday. However the HAS says 1.4% to 2.2% of French individuals are fibromyalgia, 80% of whom females have fibromyalgia, and 90% of whom are female. “It hurts like electric shocks in your bones,” Blandine said.

His first pain was in the early 1990s, but he acknowledges his lack of attention. However in 2007 and the spring of 2012, they started to become disabled. “I lived in the hell eighteen months. All was harmed, from my hair’s root to my feet’s tip. Because you could no longer touch me, I could no longer walk. I got tired, or more tired than lying down. I was exhausted. Painkillers do not do anything, taken at big doses. However Blandine lives with intensity pain which is valued at six or seven out of ten. Unceasingly. “Only pain is our mind, only pain is our point of reference.”

“This brings the physician before his incapacity.”

Therefore in fibromyalgia, personal losses are traditional. As the sources of suffering and the environment, sometimes unbelievers, are exhausted and disappear, because they are excluded from many activities. “What individuals know is that if we say we have migraines or toothache?” But, as Carole Robert, president of the association Fibromyalgia, says, the constant and diffuse pain which leaves little breathing cannot be imagined. France. So, I think I had multiple sclerosis thirteen years ago. I’ve been raising compassion for thirteen years. I suspected myself when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. People said to me, “You know that you’re sick?”

The same skepticism occurs with physicians who think that fibromyalgia is in their heads. “We focus on rationality practice. However, here we do not have a cause or therapy, “states rheumatist Jean-Luc Renevier, very conscious of the syndrome, putting the physician in front of his disability. Fibromyalgia mainly remains a mystery. “There are numerous assumptions,” the rheumatologist said, “but nobody has demonstrated its facts.”. Because the most disturbing point is that this constant pain is not explained by wounds or swelling. All is usual on radios. What we know is that the brain does not filter enough pain. Since 1992, fibromyalgia has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization. Above all it was a battle to be taken seriously and a reliable 2010 policy report was published in the eyes of a few physicians by the National Academy.

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The nurse “sent me to a psychiatric emergency center”

In relation to the absence of understanding, Dr. Renevier said that “the patients are reluctant to take care of their health because it takes a lengthy time. The response frequently consists of (several) drugs. So, antalgic and antidepressants as well. Blandine Bouedo denounces: “You give us drugs, but you don’t listen to us.” The liver experienced severe harm as a result of all those medicines and physicians spoke of their involvement. Fibromyalgia therapies that in France do not have the marketing permission (for instance, the United States) are often prescribed for depression, which does not help patients to recognize and feel acknowledged their condition.

Fibromyalgia’s are usually decreased into your syndrome: fibromyalgia can be the only reason if you have a pain or a problem. However “They don’t take care of us from the time we say” fibro “in an emergency, they inject morphine into us and let us go in a corner,” Blandine Bouedo laments. Frequent, drastic behavior. Because Carole Robert had to go to a heart disease emergency room and “At 13:30 pm the nurse persuaded me that I was a psychologist and sent me to a psychiatric emergency hospital. It was my head, everyone agreed. In fact, atrial fibrillation was this so-called imaginary heart disease. Carole Robert got a stroke some months ago.

Fibromyalgia cannot be cured, and pain relievers are responded to by a minority of patients. Non-medicinal techniques are, however, progressively being tested (relaxation, qigong, balneotherapy). “We don’t think of suffering, we’ve released the spirit,” Carole Robert suggests. That is why Blandine Bouedo speaks of her previous sorrows. I’m not at the bottom of the well with dark thoughts. “I always feel pain, but I don’t suffer.” “Because of her syndrome, she welcomes the handicap and she started training in Qigong, in order to create an association of individuals with chronic pain. For her acupuncture session she, who spent between 300 and 400 euro a month on drugs, pays only 38 euro.

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