How Does the Fibromyalgia Influence Mood?

By: Dr Alex Robber

A fibromyalgia patient requires professional psychological assistance to deal with the disease’s emotional distress.

Fibromyalgia is a latest disease that is known to lead to general discomfort, muscle aches, stiffness and apparently diffuse symptoms across the body. Although it can impact anybody, regardless of gender and age, a greater incidence of adult female patients has been noted.

This illness also causes a lot of discomfort from a psychological point of perspective. In relation to fibromyalgia, there have been a big number of instances in which there are three conditions that present with psychosomatic discomfort and are subject to depression, stress and anxiety.

Understanding Worsen Mood Factors

Several variables influence the mood of fibromyalgia patients. Similarly we will create those linked to their daily lives in this chapter on the one side and those connected with medical issues on the other.

A patient with unspecified discomfort and pain throughout his body can no longer work like he did all his life. He feels he can’t accomplish his duties, regardless. They do much more than before and make it much harder.

The cause of its occurrence is also unknown, although it is suspected of being related in the past to stress or trauma. It has no organic cause, such as most illnesses (physical and quantifiable). However the daily symptoms of the disease tend to be underestimated in the family and social environment.

As with any disease, patients must be encouraged and assisted by those around them. It is very crucial because it is very hard for a patient to qualify as a complainant or receive remarks like: nothing happens to you.

There are also barriers at the medical stage, now of diagnosis first. Because the patient is in a hurry to the doctor to inform him that his whole-body hurts, that he does not understand what is wrong with him. And receiving a diagnosis like this is a blow to him.

Therefore the symptoms of the disease do not appear to be fully known to primary care physicians. They don’t recognize anything and suggest often ineffectual empirical treatments.

Natural remedies are often used by patients. So this creates a powerful sense of frustration and impotence.

Understanding Fibromyalgia Mood Affects Factors

In distinct ways, the mood effect can happen according to distinct variables (personality, environment, resilience):

Understanding Depressive Disorder

It is a grave disorder, which is disabled. Therefore the patient lacks power and desire (known as abulia) to do stuff. He’s sad, depressed and susceptible to weeping.

His ideas are pessimistic, magnify adverse ideas and suppress favorable ideas. So, his movement and language are slowing down. He also presents Anhedonia, i.e. he can’t enjoy previous actions.

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Understanding Depressive Mood Adjustment Disorder

The disease of adjustment occurs when a negative event (in this case fibromyalgia) exceeds the capacity of the individual to adapt. This negative circumstance cannot be overcome in this situation, it creates a depressing mood.

Note that, while patients with dysthymia are diagnosed, not all people have it.

Understanding Other Effects

In addition to this, patients with fibromyalgia can experience: suddenness: distinct symptoms and unknown illnesses, such as: headaches, body pain, stomach upset, etc., may happen owing to disease mental discomfort.

Crisis of anxiety: in some instances, the person may experience tiny crises of anxiety because of anxiety and discomfort triggered by pain and failure.


A fibromyalgia patient may feel distressed and depressed by the effects that pain can have on his daily lives, because preventing him in many instances from living normally. It is therefore essential that you receive professional psychological assistance so that your adverse feeling and thinking can be managed and your emotional quality of life improved.

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