Trazodone’s treatments benefits and risks


It is an anti-depressant that helps in regulating serotonin production and reuptake. This medication helps in an uplifting mood, counteracts pain, and restores normal sleep patterns by increasing the concentration of usable serotonin. Both depression and anxiety symptoms are alleviated by this medicine.

Its role in treating fibromyalgia

Researchers show that trazodone helps in improving cognitive rationality and functioning, enhancing the quality of sleep, and reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Of course, there are some side effects as well.


Clinical studies and researchers have shown that like other anti-depressants that are available in the market, trazodone is also effective. Of course, some side effects have also been mentioned in the studies.

Side effects

Constipation and glaucoma are treated by this unmatched ability of Trazodone. Trazodone doesn’t make anticholinergic reactions like other medications, that is why it shows effectiveness in treating these conditions.

Sedative effects are also produced by Trazodone, which distinctly reduces agitation, anxiety, and sleeps deprivation symptoms. These sedative effects make fibromyalgia patients in trouble who experience chronic fatigue and lethargy.

Moreover, cardiac arrhythmias are the confirmed side effect. People with and without pre-existing heart conditions have experienced this side effect.

Priapism is another rarely observed but very serious side effect. This side effect makes the male penis not retreat from its erect state for almost 4 hours. As it is a rare condition, but it does indicate some concern among men with fibromyalgia. Treating this condition generally has a high risk for this side effect.


There is a need to take some precautionary measures, as it has some side effects. An individual can take a smaller dosage if he is highly sensitive to trazodone.

As youth combines trazodone with other anti-depressants, the warning signs given by researchers should be noted by doctors and parents i.e. suicidal tendencies among youth. Early interventions and precautionary measures are critical in suicidal thought processes.

For safety purposes, this medicine should be taken in small doses by both suicidal depressed children and adults. There are a lot of anti-depressants that induce an unresponsive mental state due to which suicide thoughts increases. The rare incidence of seizures is another serious side effect.

Trazodone is safer in overdoses as compared to some other anti-depressants. Moreover, usually, people less surrender to this medicine overdose, as its toxicity levels are mild. But in some cases, the toxicity levels are spiked in the bloodstream and lower the blood pressure when it is consumed in excess. There is a worst-case report ever that says, the blockage in the atrioventricular region of the heart was developed in a patient and several organ systems got failed with it.

There is an interaction between trazodone and a liver enzyme called CYP3A4. This enzyme has responsibility for metabolic processes that activate trazodone. The concentration of trazodone increases severely in the bloodstream when there is some enzyme hindrance in some way. The effects of CYP3A4 suppresses by specific foods, herbs, and medication, which might be harmful. Grapefruit taken in large quantity can be one of these foods.

How is trazodone reacted with other medications?

Doctors advise patients not to combine Trazodone with other medications. In some cases, the potency of alcohol, depressants, and barbiturates in the bloodstream increases with trazodone. Due to this, fatigue and scattered thinking induce. The digoxin and phenytoin levels spike in those patients who take trazodone with other medications. More research should be done in the field of trazodone and its impact on aesthetics.

Is trazodone the only option?

Where there are benefits of trazodone, there are a few risk factors for it as well. So, before taking this medication, patients should thoroughly check both risks and benefits.

If a patient found it to be ill-suited for himself, he should take another anti-depressant as a solution. Fortunately, there are so many ways for recovery and patients can adopt different medications for treatment.

The risk of developing tachycardia, arrhythmia, and severe fatigue increases due to fibromyalgia in a lot of cases. If you have a history of suicidal thoughts or tendencies, you should consult your doctor for alternative medication. There are some additional treatments that include sleep aids, muscle relaxers, anticonvulsants, and steroid injections.

There are a lot of patients who have enhanced or replaced traditional therapies with homeopathic medications.  One of the most useful methods is physical therapy, as it helps in aiding mobility and range of motion.

Moreover, energy blockages can be removed by massage and it promotes Qi flow, soothes trigger points. Muscle tension and pain are also reduced by massage. For fibromyalgia treatment, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, and Shiatsu massage are well known. Shiatsu massage helps in interacting directly with nerve pathways in the central nervous system.

When some overwhelming risks occur in a patient’s health due to trazodone, biofeedback and acupuncture prove effective for treatment. Pain is relieved and chances of recovery are high.

It is also advised to fibromyalgia patients that they need to limit their diet by avoiding sugar, junk food, fats, etc. sugar and caffeine are the most devastating stimulants for fibromyalgia patients. So, there are some other options other than trazodone.

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