Top 10 Gifts Ideas for People with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is such an intricate illness. Currently, there is no cure, however many patients find a mixed approach to soothe flare-ups and live a normal life. Fibromyalgia manifests differently in individuals; for example, some people with fibromyalgia are sensitive to heat and others to cold, while some sufferers also face multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) or other co-existing conditions. Patients are often forced to take a trial-and-error approach in order to discover what works best for them, which can be costly. This is why therapeutic gifts can be well received by sufferers.

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Below is a complete list of gift ideas to suit all types of fibromyalgia patients and cater to all budgets. These gifts can be used to warm up their spirit during the winter holidays, reward a friend or family member for achievement, show appreciation to a parent or grandparent, or make a friend feel special on their birthday. Whatever the occasion is, each gesture is sure to leave an impression and reveal how much you care about their wellbeing.

  • If you’ve noticed your loved one is struggling with an everyday task, like turning their neck, while driving, checking their blind spots, or moving hot pots or skillets while cooking, there may be tools, tricks, and gadgets that you can pick up to ease these daily burdens.
  • The animal championship has been proven to aid fibromyalgia patients, both physically and mentally, from simply lifting fibro sufferers’ moods to providing a means of escaping the agony of their symptoms. If you and/ or your loved one aren’t in the position to take in a furry friend or aren’t particularly drawn to them, there are community resources available to visit pets for a shorter period of time. Why not plan a day trip? You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of spending time with an animal.
  • Massage therapy is highly recommended for fibromyalgia patients, to reduce general stiffness and promote flexibility. Many fibromyalgia sufferers receive massages on a regular basis to replace more conventional medical treatments that have negative side effects, such as painkillers. A gift card for a massage at a spa, or an appointment for a therapist to make a home visit, make great gifts for people with chronic pain.
  • If your loved one is up for trying something new and maybe even pushing their boundaries, there are several groundbreaking remedies, involving modern medicines and traditional healing, that they can try. Being exposed to something they usually wouldn’t be, may even result in them finding an alternative remedy that aids their fibromyalgia symptoms. Here are some suggestions:
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is the process of heightening a patient’s oxygen levels, by delivering pure oxygen at higher than atmospheric pressures in an enclosed chamber.
    • Floatation R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy/Technique) is floating on top of a 25cm deep pool of salt water in a specially designed tank.
    • Acupuncture treatment involves the use of “very fine single-use pre-sterilized needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points on your body” and can be combined with other Chinese medicine techniques.

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  • Continuing on the health trend, yoga and low-impact exercises are known to naturally ease fibromyalgia pain. A package for beginner lessons at a studio may make a great present for your loved one with fibromyalgia. This could also be something you try together, and it could even become a regular bonding activity, or simply an opportunity for them to blow off steam and refuel.
  • If your loved one is already into fitness, there are plenty of complimentary gifts to support their efforts. Infrared workout clothes are designed to enhance the benefits of exercise with a heat-promoting feature, which works twofold to reduce the severity of pain. Wearable technology for fitness is trending right now, especially in the fibromyalgia community.
  • If your loved one with fibromyalgia loves music, a new set of headphones will make a great therapeutic gift, considering listening and interacting with music has shown to deliver positive results for chronic conditions.
  • A musical playlist is both a thoughtful and inexpensive gift. Include some of their favorite songs to peak positive memories or introduce them to a new mix of relaxing music to calm their mind and ease their pain. If you’re unsure of their taste in music or prefer they choose their own albums, you can always give a voucher from iTunes, Amazon, or an alike site, to purchase digital music. Alternatively, you can subscribe yourselves to a program like Spotify or Apple Music to discover new music on-demand and collaborate to make ongoing playlists.
  • Bath-time treats make great gifts for just about everyone, especially people with fibromyalgia. There’s nothing more soothing than sinking into a warm bath, so why not maximize that experience with some candles or an aromatherapy oil burner? Essential body or bath oils will add an element of luxury to this experience. And, it’s worth noting that lavender is a particularly soothing scent that can aid a good night’s sleep.
  • Preparing someone’s favorite home-cooked meal will brighten their day and give them something to look forward to. And while you’re at it, why not go the extra mile and stock their fridge with healthy ingredients and their cupboards with mineral supplements, like Vitamin D, that are proven to be beneficial for fibromyalgia?

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