At what age did you 1st notice your Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

My Age is 43 years and suffer from Fibromyalgia since 2004

I was twenty-two when I noticed pain in both my wrists and forearms during typing on my laptop. I was initially diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, a diagnosis that made sense at the time—it was my last quarter of college, I was typing a lot, I also had a job as a barista working an espresso machine—but which later, I think, turned out to be entirely inaccurate.

By the time the orthopedic surgeon was recommending carpal tunnel surgery, I was experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders that started one night when I was binding books for my creative writing degree and has never completely gone away since. Ditto for the pain radiating up from my right foot that I first noticed as I was stuck in traffic driving to one of my first job interviews.

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A few months had gone by and a trip to run errands with my roommate resulted in the first time I noticed pain in my low back, hips, knees, and feet after standing for longer than twenty minutes.

By this time I was seeing a rheumatologist who was advising against carpal tunnel surgery. Obviously, I had bigger problems than carpal tunnel syndrome, and a repeat nerve conduction study did not indicate that diagnosis.

Fast-forward two years later, and I woke up one morning with horrible migraine symptoms after surfing the Internet the night before. I’ve had headache symptoms arising with screen use ever since.

I’m thirty-seven at the time of this writing and as of last year, fifteen years after my initial symptoms, sitting upright in a chair has also become incredibly painful for my low back, hips, glutes, and thighs, to the point where I can’t maintain gainful employment with this new development on top of my other symptoms.

I feel rather dismissed when they say fibromyalgia is not a progressive disease. That is true, I think, in that it does not cause damage to tissues—at least not damage we are good at detecting—but it can get worse.

It got worse for me, even as I was exercising regularly, eating right, and taking care of my mental health with psychotherapy. These things are helpful with overall coping, but I don’t feel like they target specifically whatever started going wrong in me fifteen years ago.

The research exploring the idea of fibromyalgia as a disorder of the brain and/or central nervous system is interesting to me, but I find most of the new treatments being developed to be woefully ineffective. Here’s hoping for the future.

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