Morton’s Neuroma and Fibromyalgia. Are they Both Related?

By: Dr Alex Robber

Condition in which the balls of foot (the region between the third and fourth toe) requires serious pain is called the Neuroma of Morton. It provides the impression that an individual stand on a pebble, the pointing pain is due to the thickening of the tissues around that area’s nerve, which brings you to your foot. It can also cause your fingers to burn, sting or feel numb due to such burning and sharp pain in the balls of foot.

One of the factors for Morton’s Neuroma growth is to wear high heels. Switching to lower heeled or broader toe shoes can relieve it. If not, then surgery or injections such as corticosteroids are needed.

Until now, the reasons for Neuroma of Morton and its connection to fibromyalgia are unknown. There are various treatments and precautions for dealing with Morton’s Neuroma and fibromyalgia, but there is still no continuous cure for both.

Because fibromyalgia causes pain and affects various body muscles and joints, the target regions are mostly soft tissues or tenders current throughout the body. Therefore, a day’s daily tasks also become tremendously painful. The sufferer becomes unable to meet his duties day by day. Morton’s Neuroma, if the cause of fibromyalgia makes moving and walking hard for the individual. Which in fact makes the individual lazy from spreading, causing isolation and depression.

How Morton’s neuroma relates to fibromyalgia

The link between the two has been studied and concluded by many orthopedics. But it’s still unknown the reason. It is noted that the symptoms of fibromyalgia reduced or even cleared while treating Morton’s neuroma. This accomplishment leads the researchers to think that the cause of pain in fibromyalgia might be the nerve damage or injury.

States of Morton Neuroma

Like fibromyalgia, females are a large proportion of sufferers to males. Research indicates that 8 out of 10 people are females. There are few conditions that result in the development of Morton’s neuroma in an individual:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • HIV
  • sleep disorder

 Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma

The neuroma of the Morton will get worse by wearing high heeled shoes or some disturbing physical activity. Some of the symptoms are as follows:

  •          Numbness in the toes
  •          Burning pain in the second and third fingers
  •          Balls of foot has a sharp pain
  •          Formation of a lump or feeling of a lump between the toes
  •          High pressure on the feet
  •          Radiation of pain from the foot to the toes
  •          Difficulty shifting the fingers

Origins of Morton’s Neuroma

According to the scientists, the precise reason for Morton’s neuroma is still unknown. Like fibromyalgia, there are also distinct factors in Morton’s neuroma that trigger the growth of such pains that are not restricted to this disorder. The factors of possible prime development of fibromyalgia and Morton’s neuroma are as follows:

Wearing tight shoes

The unpleasant shoes on the feet are causing stress. The causes are swelling in the feet around the nerves. Wearing high heels causes the stress of the entire body on the toes, which can trigger a elevated likelihood to contribute to the neuroma and fibromyalgia caused by Morton.

Tedious actions

The exercise of tedious activates can become a reason for Morton’s neuroma owing to which there is elevated pressure on the cause of the feet. Aerobics, walking and jogging may be part of the operations.


If, for any reason, the feet have been wounded and are unable to keep the body in correct posture, causing the abnormal stance while walking can also lead to nerve inflammation. Instability leads lumps to form.

Genetic problem

Few inborn individuals have feet that are unwell formed. Low arched feet, called flat feet, are more probable to be the target of Morton’s neuroma growth.

Effects of Morton’s Neuroma

Most people still don’t understand about Neuroma from Morton. The disease impacts an individual’s toes and feet. If a individual is diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma, this implies that the nerves are surrounded by some additional tissues that influence the fingers and feet of the tie. When feet are engaged in some exercise, the development of some additional tissues around the nerves creates inflammation and pain.

This disease is a Benign tumor type, typically developed between the foot’s third and fourth toes. Between the second and third toes it can also be created. The pressure placed on the feet in such a condition caused severe pain when this ligament toes the feet’s bones and pressed down to the surface, walking or standing. The condition and pain only got worse when Morton’s neuroma combined with fibromyalgia.


The fundamental way to treat the disease, like in fibromyalgia, is to modify some stuff from one’s lifestyle.

  •       Having a comfortable shoe
  •       Avoiding additional activity  
  •       Maintaining weight
  •    Using proper orthopedic methods

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