Here I Got 3 New Treatments to Improve my Symptoms of Lyme / Fibromyalgia

In the hope of finding something that works better and provides relief, I constantly tweak my treatment protocol for fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme. I just added a couple of new things I found helpful and wanted to share, so that goes here… Three new (for me) therapies that improve my fibromyalgia and persistent symptoms of Lyme Fed up with exhaustion.

1st is Topical Use of CBD Oil

As a cure for discomfort, I have started adding CBD oil to my lotion. I recently stopped long-term antibiotics for Lyme chronic because after taking them for more than one year, I only saw minimum improvements in my health. My symptoms are still stable until now except when my shin pain returns, due to Bartonella, a popular Lyme coinfection.

Shiny and horrible Bartonella is shin pain! It feels like it’s dulling within the bone, and I haven’t really found a good cure for it–up to now.

For more than a year, I’ve been using body hemp lotions. I find it helpful to relieve mild anxiety and discomfort, but it does not suit the intense light I experience. I had a small bottle of CBD oil I did not use, but I mixed my hemp lotion with a half dropper of CBD oil in one night’s desperation, rubberized it and slatted it over my boring shins, feet and thighs. And what do you guess? It was running! The pain was numbed up to a tolerable level by the CBD oil within a few minutes.

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Over the last couple of weeks, I have continued to use the lotion / oil mix, and it has always been nice. Unfortunately, there is no permanent pain relief— it lasts about an hour— but even a temporary pain reduction is welcome.

Up until now I have been using cannabis-based CBD oil from my local pharmacy since that’s what I’ve had in store, but I’ll check hemp-based CBD (whom you can shop online).

2nd is Sun-and-Earth Cure Therapy

A few weeks ago, I watched and was inspired to try a documentary on earthing. Several experiments have shown that earth can reduce stress, pain, and inflammation and sleep because the body can bind to the surface electrons of the Earth.

A couple of days a week I take a beach chair out of my yard and sit down in the sun for about 15-20 minutes on the lawn. It serves two purposes: I get the advantages of soil, and sunlight enhances the normal vitamin D cycle of my body.

Sure, I know dermatologists will tell me that I’m growing my skin cancer risk, but I’m wary of not overdoing it. I wear sunscreen, I’m not healthy, I want to stop wrinkles, but I keep my arms and legs blind to sun. I have no facial skin.

I cannot assume that earth and sunshine therapy have dramatically lowered my symptoms–I don’t believe I have been spending enough time out for maximum benefit-but on the days that I spend that few minutes outside, I find that I have more stamina and mental clarity.

And I have a bit of a tan on my ghostly white legs for the first time in my life. I plan to purchase a piece of landing to see if I could feel better.

3rd is Coffee Enemas

When my new Lyme doctor suggested that my treatment protocol should include coffee enemas twice or three times a week, I am not happy. Throughout my life I never had an enema, so it really felt awesome and a little terrified and only… yucky! But if you’re in pain every day and it doesn’t help much, you come to a point when you’re going to try most.

For about three weeks now, I have been making coffee enemas every other day. I would tell coffee enemas are already a game change for me, and I’m not saying that lightly. I will shortly make a complete article on coffee enemas, but I will suggest that for now they’re perfect for increased energy, clarity of mind and also for pain relief. I am grateful that I have overcome my shame and repulsion and have received advice from my doctor because coffee enemas are the best therapies I have ever used for Fibro / Lyme.

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