10 Reasons to Throw Away Your Old Doctor!

This blog based on “10 excuses to throw away your doctor.” The editor permits it to be republished here. I have used the word “he” in all of this article to encourage reading because I know that there are both male and female doctors.

Doesn’t the physician listen? Is he disobeying? Will his treatment plan not work? Then it may be time for your doctor to shoot!

Visit any support group for fibromyalgia online, and you will probably find lots of stories about physician horrors. I have read stories of doctors screaming at patients and saying that their problems are in their minds and worse, calling them fat and lazy.

My comment is always the same when I see these articles: find a new doctor!

Yeah, I know it isn’t so easy sometimes. Some people are not able to change doctors, but most of us do have a choice of a doctor in which we look for our medical care.

And yet, I see patients that can be deceived by so-called doctors over and over again. Why are we allowing this to happen? Doctors don’t get a pass on basic human decency just because their medical degrees are prestigious and they make a lot of money.

I think it’s time we started to handle our doctors as we do other providers of customer service. We offer a service to them, right? There are nine cases in which the fire of your doctor and a new one is perfectly acceptable.

1st Reason is he has no faith in fibromyalgia

Four fibromyalgia prescription drugs have been licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. The largest online medical data collection is PubMed, with over 9,000 fibro-related studies mentioned. Given that fibromyalgia is no doubt a real condition, but surprisingly physicians still don’t believe in it.

If you ever find a doctor that believes fibro doesn’t exist, or something like it (i.e. fibromyalgia isn’t a real diagnosis, fibromyalgia is a waste basket diagnosis, etc.), the RUN will take you out the examination room and don’t look back as quickly as your tired legs!

When you operate with a doctor who doesn’t believe in fibromyalgia, you will waste your time. He won’t treat what he doesn’t even remember correctly, after all.

2nd Reason is he states that everything is in your head

Research has shown that fibromyalgia is pain that comes from the brain, but that is not the sense of most doctors when you hear, “It is all in the mind.” You are hypochondriac. You are hypochondriac. You make it up. You make it up. You just reach for a tablet. Blah and Blah,

I stumbled too often into the “it’s all in your head,” when I was turning from doctor to doctor, trying to get treated. Most of the doctors did not speak the words literally, but they repeatedly attempted to diagnose me with depression and prescribe an antidepressant.

3rd Reason is He doesn’t try to help you

Fibromyalgia is a mysterious disease that’s difficult to treat, but that’s not an excuse to give up as a patient. If he does not do his work by trying to solve the pain, tiredness and other symptoms, then find a doctor who will!

4th Reason is If you make suggestions, he gets annoyed

I believe patients need to play an active role in their healthcare by keeping them up-to-date with the latest science and treatments. Unfortunately, many physicians do not like medical students from Dr. Google. When patients undertake research trials or ask about certain treatments, they become irritated or snappy.

Why they behave like that, I’m not sure. Perhaps they get worse because they have been in medical school for eight years and have learned less than we do about fibromyalgia. Perhaps they are freak controls and intimidated, because they fear we are calling their knowledge into question.

Regardless of why, fibromyalgia is a very challenging task. It doesn’t work for all of us so you need a doctor who can discuss various treatment options and try them out. It might be time to consider closing the door to that philosopher / patient partnership if your doctor closes you when you make suggestions about your treatment.

5th Reason is he’s not seeing you

Her employer ordered my former nurse practice colleague to limit all patient rates to 12 minutes. Setting tight time limits on patients, such as that, ensures almost that you will constantly be multitasking and rushing to get to the next patient (that is, looking on your computer screen or tablet during your talk).

We certainly have all encountered circumstances where we still have concerns when our physicians are leaving the door, but if it happens every time you see your physician, perhaps you should lighten up your workload by being one less patient he should see.

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6th Reason is he disrespects you

This can happen in many ways. Perhaps he’s screaming or laughing at you. Perhaps he is teasing you for taking pain killers. Perhaps he will that the symptoms (i.e. “oh, you just get older,” “I hurt all the time,” etc.). It’s incorrect, regardless of the form it takes! Don’t let the very one who is supposed to help you be ignored or abused!

7th Reason is “You’d have no fibro if …” he said.

“You don’t have fibro’s if…” variations too many to be mentioned, but some are common: if you lost some weight, then you wouldn’t have fibro.

When you exercised, you wouldn’t have fibro.

If you were just standing up and moving around, you would not have fibro.

Indeed, studies show that exercise is useful in treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Yes, when we are closer to our optimal weight, many of us feel better. Sure, being involved is healthy.

But no one studies say that fibromyalgia is due to obese, weak or unwieldy workouts. Fibromyalgia is NOT the cure, nor is diet any. It’s devices–not therapies! Your physician knows this and is unwise to imply.

8th Reason is “Stop thinking about it,” he says.

Once I got a doctor to tell me, “Don’t go the wrong way, but you have to stop thinking about your pain so much.

” Yeah, doctor. It’s going to vanish if I only stop thinking about my discomfort! Wow, you cured me! Wow, you cured me!

I’m not a doctor’s patient anymore because, evidently, he doesn’t appreciate the chronic pain patient’s daily life. (Insert eye roll here) I don’t know why some clinicians are trying to overcome our symptoms. Maybe their normal methods–prescription drugs and surgery–cannot cure us.

And, irrespective of why you have to start thinking about replacing the person if a doctor’s recommendation is to “stop thinking about it!”

9th Reason is “You don’t have cancer at least,” he says.

Look, I know that in nearly everybody the big “C” hits fear. But at least, cancer has a meaning. I don’t underestimate how bad it is but. As daunting as this sounds, you get better or you die and you will know the results very quickly in most situations.

You suffer from fibromyalgia for years and years without a view finish. Perhaps tomorrow will be an achievement in research, or perhaps it will be 100 years from now, if we are all gone for a long time. Nobody knows when and if the suffering is going to stop?

Another way to invalidate us as a patient is by linking fibromyalgia to cancer and this is simply wrong!

10th Reason is he blames fibromyalgia for everything

It is quite easy to attribute any new symptom to “just fibro” if you have fibromyalgia for some time. But what if such heart palpitations are a sign of a more serious problem? What if that hip pain is osteoarthritis and the right medication will help? What if you do not have Fibromyalgia but an undiagnosed thyroid disease caused most of your tiredness?

Do not encourage your doctor (or you), as a consequence of doing so can lead to unnecessary pain, and tragic results, to blame any new symptom for “just fibro.” You need a doctor who investigates more closely and tries to find the factors that underlie the symptoms. If your doctor doesn’t, it might be time to dig into the online provider site of your health insurance company to find a new doctor!

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