What’s one thing that helped your Fibromyalgia Pain?

For me, it was addressing the root cause of the illness: heavy metal toxicity. I had 8 dental amalgams as well as a couple of root canals. I used to get vaxxed. I ate a lot of fish. I had some imaging with contrast dyes. Nowadays everyone is exposed to multiple heavy metals.

So once I had the amalgams safely removed that was a huge step forward I have been working on getting my body’s detox pathways to work right (liver, kidneys, and gut, for example, are how we do a lot of our detox) as well as boosting natural detox such as glutathione levels.

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This has helped tremendously. It is taking some major time but I’ve been being poisoned for decades so not surprised to get the garbage out and to repair the damage is taking time and effort.

I am not “cured” but the fibro is nowhere near as bad as it had been. I do think it is part of why I still have major sleep issues. I fatigue way easier than I should. I DO have chronic pain—but it is not at the level it was. I am still never pain-free but I actually have hopes of getting there.

I saw pain specialists. I had strong pain meds. Only took the edge off. The McKenzie PT has been a real help. I get an “edge off” pain with arnica gel or Penetrex.

I believe it is crucial for fibro folks to stop eating processed foods, give up fake sugars. reduce real ones, eat fermented foods, and do other things that help the gut to improve. Doing that and much more has made this a presence in my life instead of the dominating force.

Going to keep getting better; there is a lot of room for improvement but my docs have been astonished I have come this far. My PT has been great. He told me many years ago I was in the sub-sub-(about ten times)-basement and needed to NOT PUSH myself as it kept leading to flares.

I still drop in on him and he is IMPRESSED. He still offers me tweaks to the routine AND works on me because I still have serious problems but I did not give up; it’s stopped progressing (and contrary to what is claimed, I found it most certainly DID progress and got worse.

Maybe technically it was the OTHER problems that DO come from it, but it got worse and worse without a doubt.) Infections, Lyme, mold, and more can also be caused or exacerbate the condition so it’s not just heavy metals and I had a lot of those factors so had to address those topics as well.

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