Is Fibromyalgia just a throw-away Diagnosis when they can’t figure out what’s wrong?

I don’t know what it takes to make a fibromyalgia diagnosis because I don’t trust science’s model to describe and assess what the phenomenon really is.

They do more harm when they label human beings with all kinds of “disorders”. Those assumed disorders become something that human beings wrongly identify with, later on in their lives, which render them unable to truly ever transcend their condition. Simply because they have grown to identify with it.

I also understand, on the other hand, that it is the best we can come up with in terms of organizing humanity efficiently. But in my opinion, it does not serve the individual anymore, really.

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And yes, in my view – after observing and experiencing the phenomena quite closely – it is clear to me that fibromyalgia is indeed a throw-away diagnosis. But perhaps, for the medical field – not at all.

I have come to understand that science and the medical field alike, suffer from a disease called compartmentalization.

That is, the label and invent names for anything that has the slightest difference in symptomatology and thus create more confusion than not. Rendering them unable to see the forest for the trees anymore.

Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Huntington Disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy syndrome, PTSD, Parkinson, Alzheimer, Guillain–Barré syndrome, Autism, ASD, AFM, all other muscle dystrophy diseases and disorders, and I can go on and on filling pages of pages with sophisticated names that describe even the most minute detail indifference, just to justify a new name.

They have lost their ways of being able to look at the human body as a holistic machine. Rendering them unable to see that all of those “disorders” come from a unified place in the body, but as each human body is unique and therefore different, those imbalances – by the time they come out onto the surface – they take a slightly different form in symptomatology.

You will notice that the common denominator for all of these “disorders” has to do with electrical( action-potential) imbalances within our nervous system coupled with autoimmune “activity” that arises and takes place within the body.

In other words, the byproduct of pain, spasms that we feel as a result, (but not only limited to) are a byproduct of locked action-potential electricity within our nervous system: either within the brain, extrapolated within the CNS ( Central Nervous System) – this is where we get the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s’ stuff, or within the somatic and peripheral nervous system that is dispersed all around and within the body – where we get the fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, etc. All of that ensues as a result of a change deep within the body.

As a result of that change, other systems such as our immune system, “doesn’t” recognize that said change as a positive change: That is, a change that coming from within the body, and so it thinks that this “change” is a result of an alien attack if I can use that language.

And so, the immune system rises and attacks this change within the infrastructure. And what we get is the onset of the conditions associated with fibromyalgia and all other conditions stated above.

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