Fibromyalgia Self Care: Top 3 Tips for Self-Caring

By: Dr Alex Robber

If you have fibromyalgia, one of the best ways to care for your health is to play a proactive role in your own treatment a process called self-management.

Here are some ways if you have fibromyalgia you can manage your health:

Improving Sleep

It is essential to maintain excellent sleep hygiene to improve the quality of sleep. That implies doing stuff to make sleeping and staying asleep easier for you. It is essential to set up a regular bedtime, a regular time to wake up and adhere strictly to them. Your body may have to get used to this shift for up to six weeks, but it will help in sleep.

Sleep can often be dramatically enhanced by practicing sleep hygiene methods such as decreasing dietary caffeine, using relaxation tapes before bedtime, and maintaining periodic bed and wake-up times. This, in turn, helps decrease tiredness and pain during the day.

Being Physically Active

Exercise is a very significant element of fibromyalgia leadership. Studies indicate that some aerobic exercise programs provide an enhanced feeling of well-being, enhanced strength, and reduced pain to individuals with fibromyalgia. This can be done by acting as a natural “medication,” increasing your body’s concentrations of endorphins (chemicals) that can decrease pain and tiredness.

If you are already tired and in pain, you may be unwilling to practice, but you can choose several kinds of exercises. Forms of practice that include stretching and relaxation for individuals with fibromyalgia, such as yoga, may be very helpful. Strength train allocation can be done by individuals with fibromyalgia, but after a good aerobic exercise program it is usually suggested that these kinds of exercise be began. Low-or non-impact aerobic exercises like walking, biking, water aerobics or swimming are usually the best ways to begin your exercise treatment.

It is essential, however, to start exercising at a rate you can tolerate without a significant rise in pain. For best outcomes, it is essential for many individuals with fibromyalgia to consult with an experienced physical therapist. Physiologists can assist you develop an exercise program to enhance posture, flexibility and fitness.

Reducing Stress

Stress management methods, such as breathing exercises, and learning how to handle fatigue through pacing methods, such as alternating periods of exercise with rest periods, can assist control the emotions of rage, sorrow, and panic that often overwhelm individuals with frequent pain and tiredness. Finding methods to decrease the sources of stress is very crucial as you handle your situation. Stay Healthizes!

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