How exactly has Fibromyalgia ruined your entire life?

Fibromyalgia did NOT ruin my life, but when I tell you what it has cost me thus far, you will think I’m mistaken.

  • I can no longer exercise in the ways I like, no rollerblading, no horseback riding, no running,
  • I can no longer make a date with friends and promise to be there. Fibro makes it hard to plan ahead.
  • I can’t go for long car rides or road trips because I can’t sit in one position for too long.
  • I have to take meds for pain but they only work on the pain NOT related to the Fibro, so I’m still in pain.

And the worst thing of all, after being able to proudly say that I am a nurse, I can no longer legally say it. I went on full disability in 2015 because just remembering a doctor’s order was impossible, or a diagnosis, or a name!

Maybe it’s an inner me, I really don’t know, I just try not to dwell on the bad stuff, and keep looking for the good. There is a TON of good out there!

I CAN NOT let something RUIN my life, not something like Fibromyalgia.

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