What are aggravating factors for Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

This can be a difficult question to answer because fibromyalgia affects everyone in differing ways; however, there is one overarching thing that makes it worse, not moving. Although it can feel horrific to move at times, not being active will only make things worse.

On really bad days all I can muster is walking my dog 10–20 minutes 3–4 times in the day. It’s not a lot but it helps. I’ll also do light stretching on really bad days. Just making sure to not spend the whole day on the couch or bed and getting up every so often and moving around will help.

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On days when I still hurt a lot but I’m not absolutely fatigued I’ll call a friend to meet me at the dog park. This helps because it distracts me from the pain while getting me moving for an hour or two (sometimes taking breaks to sit on a bench).

Having my dog has helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia for the sheer fact of forcing me to move every day, no matter what. Plus it’s nice to have companionship when you do feel terrible.

Another thing that can really aggravate is a bad diet. Sugar especially is bad because it causes inflammation, poor digestion and can cause bad crashes when I’m already fatigued. Same with fatty foods.

The first thing I suggest to anyone dealing with fibromyalgia is to talk to their doctor about medication. Even though I’m a believer in making good life choices and having your body heal itself, if the pain is so bad that you cannot even begin to think about exercise or am exhausted at the thought of trying to buy healthy food and preparing it, medication can help get the ball moving.

I take Cymbalta for my pain and it’s helped enough where I could start doing yoga again, which in turn gave me the motivation to eat better.

Make sure to eat well and eat protein (protein powder in a shake with lots of veggies, fruit, and yogurt are great) because I find it hard to keep muscle since I cannot exercise hard enough/regularly enough to sustain it. I also stretch thoroughly before bed and when I wake up in the morning because sleeping for 8 hours makes me quite stiff in the morning.

And finally, smoking, too much stress, or not getting enough sleep can all aggravate fibromyalgia. Meditation is a great way to help with stress levels and being able to endure the pain. There are great apps and websites that have free or cheap meditation. They have helped me tremendously by not letting me fall into a depressive episode during a flare-up.

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