What percent of Fibromyalgia patients don’t respond to any of the commonly used Medicines?

You know this is the craziest thing I am going to talk about now…

I’m not sure what the percentage is, but I can tell you that I spent years taking Adderall for ADHD and then had to stop taking it when I got pregnant. During the hiatus from that medication, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

After unsuccessful attempts at treating it with many of the same methods you mentioned, I decided that I was sick of being a test monkey and asked my doctor to put me back on the Adderall. This time around, not only did it manage my ADHD symptoms, but it also seemingly “cured” my fibro.

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Being a stimulant medication, its purpose is to counteract the area of an ADHD patient’s brain that makes them feel restless and unfocused by “tricking” the brain into believing it has produced too much of its own stimulant, therefore making it produce the chemicals that calm.

While it still does this for me, it also cleared up the brain fog and mental sluggishness that accompanies fibro, but the best thing it’s done is make the pain tolerable so I can normally physically function. As you certainly know, with fibro, some days are worse than others, and it’s not as though this medication blocks the pain as an opiate does, rather, it keeps me so focused on the task at hand that it also distracts me from the pain.

Upon realizing this, I started doing things to help further lessen the background pain, such as yoga and taking daily vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements, as they support nerve health.

Adderall is not recognized as a pain management drug, and only a small handful of doctors currently acknowledge it as a treatment for fibromyalgia. It is a controlled substance with a high potential for abuse, so, doctors won’t prescribe it without a perfectly valid reason, and they usually require a clear EKG prior to prescribing because the stimulant property is sometimes hard on the heart muscle.

BUT, Adderall IS recognized as a treatment for chronic fatigue, so, if you approach your doctor after having utilized so many other medications unsuccessfully and specifically address the concern that the fatigue which accompanies your fibro is debilitating in nature, and you propose the idea of trying a stimulant, he or she may agree to prescribe it at a low dose on a trial run.

Be prepared, however, as it is a common practice for doctors to perform drug tests before and during treatment with a controlled substance to ensure a patient is not abusing it or any other drugs.

I’m certain this is a treatment that will not be appropriate for every person with fibro or other chronic pain disorders, but it has worked in this way for me and a decent handful of other people in our shoes. That being said, for how significantly my quality of life has improved, I firmly believe that it is a treatment that deserves consideration by doctors and sufferers alike.

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