How would you decide if a diagnosis is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia?

Get your genes mapped. If you have either fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue it is probably most likely due to “Soft Tissue Calcification” which is caused by the body not excreting enough sulfur and phosphorus, which is caused by having genetic mutations like CBS 699 and SUOX mutations.

The treatment for these mutations right now is to eat a diet that is very low in sulfur and phosphorus and calcium and vitamin D because these will all lead to pain or chronic fatigue.

Also, it is important to supplement daily with a well-absorbed brand of magnesium citrate like Solgar magnesium citrate tablets, or CALM magnesium citrate powder by Natural Vitality that you dissolve in water and drink, or CALM magnesium citrate gummies that you just chew up.

Pick one of the three, depending on which would work best for you. They are all very well absorbed.

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It is also very important to avoid vitamin D and calcium in both supplements and foods, so this also means to avoid multivitamins as they are all very high in calcium and vitamin D and only have unabsorbable magnesium in them (aka they usually contain magnesium oxide, which is only 4% bioavailable)

So ditch the D, calcium, and multi vibes, start taking magnesium citrate daily and avoid all foods high in sulfur, phosphorus, vitamin D, and calcium. And also avoid MSG and MSG chemicals like the plague.

Doing these things will help you to get rid of or lessen any fibromyalgia pain or chronic fatigue that you may have.

If you think I’m crazy, then all you have to do is try what I am saying for a couple of weeks (as it is not dangerous) and you should see your symptoms lessening.

And then to be absolutely sure, get your genes mapped to see if you have the CBS699 or SUOX (SUlfur OXidase) mutations.

See genetic genie dot org and 23andme dot com for more info. (It will cost about $250 to get this done or maybe less if 23andme is having a sale or if you buy more than one gene testing kit)

I had this done and it turns out that I have a lot of these mutations from both parents so my body cannot properly metabolize and excrete sulfur and phosphorus, and this causes excess sulfur and phosphorus in all my cells which causes both pain and fatigue in the cells and calcium and vitamin D make the pain worse.

So as long as I stay away from all foods high in sulfur and phosphorus and avoid calcium and vitamin D and all MSG chemicals, I am painfree.

If I eat anything that is high in sulfur and phosphorus or high in calcium or vitamin D, I will get bad pain within half an hour of ingestion. Black pepper and foods high in oxalic acid will also cause pain, so I avoid those as well.

And I also avoid zinc supplements since zinc strengthens the glutamate response in the body.

At any rate, this is something for others to try and see if it works. It is cheap and easy and safe. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

I no longer have bad fibromyalgia pain and before, I had such bad pain that I couldn’t even sit down. So this just might work for others as well. I can’t be the only one with these mutations. And I know I’m not because both sides of my family carry them and have all sorts of medical issues.

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