If you suffer from Fibromyalgia does it hurt you to wear all types of clothes or only certain fabrics?

Diagnosed 10 years ago. Every day is a new mystery

I am ridiculously picky about my clothes, since mild to moderate Allodynia is one of my Fibromyalgia symptoms. No sleeves of any fabric, soft fleece if I need a jacket. No bra. Between allodynia and costochondritis?

Let them tiddies sag. I like breathing with less pain and not getting rashes. Screw the rules. No wool, cashmere, or other animal fibers. When they are cut, they often have sharp bits. And I’m allergic to wool, soo…

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Poly/cotton blends are my go-to. When I was healthy, I tried to wear only cotton, linen, hemp, or the like. But now a blend is the best I can do. That said, each and every item has to be assessed individually. Tags, seams, tight elastics are all bad.

Frightening fashion that it is, rayon is cool, smooth, and usually comfortable. Seams can sometimes be reinforced with plastic thread, though, so watch for that. I buy 90% of my clothes second-hand. They’re cheap, pre-shrunk, and already “broke in

Never wear new clothes without washing. Chemicals used in the dyes and cleaners are often irritants. I am “fortunate” that my allodynia usually manifests as intense itching. Cool temps help me the most.

Shoes are the minions of satan, and I refer to them as foot prisons. NOTHING helps. I wear sandals year-round and when sneakers or trainers are required, I wear one brand.

So, to sum it up:

  1. Buy cheap so you can experiment.
  2. Find something you love? Time to buy new.
  3. Stay cool if heat is your trigger.
  4. Stay naked (or scantily clad) when you can. No point in suffering alone in your own home.
  5. Assess each item individually. Be picky.
  6. Consider letting go of restrictive clothing like bras and dress shoes.
  7. Forgive yourself for seeking a bit of comfort.

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